Thursday, May 3

my favorite way to spend a day...

Thelma and Louise hit the "highway to thrift store heaven" today, we successfully fitted in five stops, resulting in a hefty haul of goodies...
~ 3 napkins
~ 9 vintage hankies
~2 retro tablecloths
~ 7 doilies
~1 lace tray cloth
~ 1 lace collar
~1 blue pyrex bowl
~ 1 camisole
~ 5 half slips
~ 9 full slips
~ 1 glass dish

but best of all, as we were checking out at the Sally Army till, the cashier said to me "ooh, for a minute there, i thought you were Julia Roberts"!!! dear readers, i think the miracle cream the 'angel' in Target sold me is starting to work...either that or the woman was long over due for an eye test...i'm going with the former and not the latter :)

and just before i go, here's something for our #2, you are beautiful to me...


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Anonymous said...

I went to SA yesterday too but didn't find as many goodies as you! Thanks for sharing your pretties. :)