Monday, May 7

i'm every woman...(apologies for corny title, they are getting worse and worse!)

this week i shall be performing a variety of juggling acts and tricks, please note this is not a "complaints" list but a "to do" list...

#1. looking after and showing my in-laws the sights and sounds of our lives and the area that we live in

#2. feeding eight people dinner every night (grilled cheese sarnies are not going to cut it this week)
#3. have hair dyed (scratch that one, have just cancelled appointment, so the gray hair is ecstatic)
#4. make enough slips to list some in the shop before newspaper article hits the newsstand this weekend (gosh, that sounds very showy and grand, apologies)
#5. make and deliver slips to the Frock Shop as Suzy has asked for more after just one week (once again apologies for sounding showy offy)
#6. deliver bags to PB&L (this shall be combined with #1)
#7. make two cushion covers using the wonderful green tablecloth i picked up in Anacortes yesterday

#8. ferry four kids to various activities (driver's ed, dance, soccer, guitar, drums, tennis and in between miraculously have produced aforementioned dinner on table)

i think that is it, remember this was not a "complaints" list, now i am off to lie down in a darkened room and do some "deep breathing" yoga style. oops scratch that one as well, i need the light on so i can read. i forgot about the wonderful crafting book i found in Borders is enough for me to say that when i spied it on the shelf (gleaming and sparkling) my heart skipped a little beat. tomorrow i will enlighten you on the wonder that i found.

and just before i go, can i say a little thank you to all those dear crafters out there who have mentioned me on their blogs in recent weeks, i really do feel very humbled. and to all my dear readers, thanks for visiting with me, i appreciate your company and always feel free to leave me a note...

"can't wait to share" Tif


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading about what you are up to, but just lurk about without letting you know really - even though I LOVE reading the comments left on my blog. So, the first job on my list today is to leave some comments!
Get your children to do the cooking and make slips for your adoring public.

Gigibird said...

My grey roots depress me when they start to poke through.
Maybe the outlaws could take the children out while you sew and feed them as well?

Anonymous said...

Saw you mentioned on Tree Fall so came over to visit! Your slips are amazing, like something for a vintage fairy princess. Hope your frantic week doesn't result in melt down, chill out with your new book

Kristy said...

I just found your lovely blog via Mandas.I just want you to know that I love your slips and have resisted pressing the buy button for Mae but for how long I don't know!

Anonymous said...

the stuff you make it beautiful and i like how you write.

Anonymous said...

Well, I love the combination of creativity and complaining about grey hair here! Wow. And that bird shape is so well done it's killing me. Consider yourself bookmarked. I'm living in Africa and can't get to Goodwill and it's horrible.