Monday, January 27

marvelous mondays and the winner is...

well i had a mighty fine time of things reading through all the comments kindly telling me what you do to make you happy in january. thank you so kindly for entering my little giveaway. of course silly old me, for some it is the height of hot days in january. this led me to thinking, here we call it the 'january blues', but i am wondering if in exotic climes when winter is in june, july and august, do they call it the 'july blues'? which would be really odd to me but perfectly normal to another perhaps? i have pondered this all week, i wonder how i would fair living in the southern hemisphere (please please let that be correct) and am thinking perhaps before i pop my clogs i should try doing so.

and so we have a winner, and a winner from the southern hemisphere no less! 

I am a school teacher in a remote country town in Australia. It is a scorching summer here and our average temperature is 40deg Celsius. We are also in a drought so my garden is pretty depressing. Needless to say we are on school holidays and I spend my days in the pool, at school prepping and trying really hard to get some crochet done in the aircon. Your blog is so inspirational and I read it just to look at the green outside your window sometimes!
Jodee xoxo

congratulations Jodee Murrie, hurrah hooray! and thank you kindly for giving this little string of yarny goodness a happy home

now do not fret, nor hang your head and weep if you are not Jodee living in a heatwave with a depressed garden, for another little string of happy will appear in February looking for a home to live, hence another chance to win one 
("oh how simply marvelous" i hear you cry, "that's the spirit" say i)

in the meantime, today is monday, i like mondays, i used not to for the longest time because it reminded me of school, that sunday night feeling of school rolling around again, monday morning dawns and back to the grind stone. this feeling has lived with me through many many years past my school days however recently this has changed for mondays have now become 'my day' when nothing is on the calendar work related, clan related, keep fit related, chore related, it is a free day. how marvelous to have a free day out of 7 days a week to do with what one wishes. of course what starts out to be a free day usually ends up nothing of the sort, but i like to hold onto monday all through the week, plotting and planning what i will do, carefree and without guilt when it rolls around to play.

today after i have finished tippity tapping this here ramble, i will talk to my mother on the phone, i will sort laundry (clean undies are at an all time crisis low due to shawl making madness last week) then i will finish up editing a crochet pattern i am working on for my employer (gosh, that sounds terribly important and really quite grown~up), then i will check my crocheted headscarf wrappity wrap to see if it is dry from blocking. 

i have never washed and blocked before, i am impatient and i wish it to hurry up and dry, i go and check on it every few hours. this morn i was hopeful it was nearly dry but my hopes were dashed when i felt it underneath. then, after all that, my 'free day' will begin, where upon i will dabble with hook and yarn and my new crochet bible, we will swatch like we have never swatched before to our hearts content for an hour or so before my lads are home with the car and i can spend the rest of my 'free day' grocery shopping. yes, i do so love my mondays now, i love every day of the week if truth be told, each day holds something creative to do, or something to remind me that right now, in the moment, not in the future and not in the past, is where i find my happy...