Thursday, January 16

a labour of...

 is exactly what my Closing Fan Shawl has become. i am not saying it in a way where it has been a long old labour and i am ready for it to be done. no sirree! quite the opposite in fact. yes it has been a labour, i care not to count any longer the hours nor the rip backs involved, for all i care to note is how stitch by stitch it is turning into quite possibly the most beautiful yarny creation my hands have ever made.

i have plans for my little shawl once all the fans (diamonds are complete), no single crochet edge will do for my little shawl, nope... i am plotting and planning an edging of the utmost kind so when all is said and done and the last stitch is complete i can truly say, hand on crafty heart this little yarny wonder goes way way up there alongside the day i completed my first granny square cushion.

which i would link to but cannot, because for the life of me i cannot find the link amongst all the vast amount of ramblings that has gone on over the years on this here shiny spot. thus i will just relay the gist of things in a nutshell. ummm, Tif can you do nutshells?

nutshell commence:
 "i could not crochet. i learnt to crochet. it took a long old hard slog to do so but oh so worth it. then i made a granny square. then i made another. i made them from old vintage yarn. after which i crocheted them together and made them into a cushion. i put the cushion on our couch. i stepped back. tears came to my eyes. tears came to my man's eyes. we both agreed we had never seen such a thing in our lives. me a glorious thing. him... a thing."

and so i feel, years on, this shawl when all said and crocheted, (ummm, repeating one's self Tif?! could be a senior moment, or perhaps not because you caught yourself doing it, thus you are saved for another day) will be another moment in my handcrafted journey when i take time to stop still and truly honestly be thankful for the creativity my hands allow me to conjure up, each and every day. something i do not do often enough... counting my crafty blessings and my crafty hands.


Anna Margrethe Engbæk Schmidt said...

That is absolutely stunning!


Carls Candy

Hannapat said...

Wow this is really beautiful!! xoxo

Unknown said...

I love seeing people make my designs. I'm glad you like it so much.