Monday, July 14

a 'preloved pop~up' shop ...

righty ho, 
here is the nitty gritty for my first pop~up shop 
which will pop up outside of Tolt Yarn and Wool

as the weather has been tres hot hot hot, 
i am hopeful it will continue that way.
however rain or shine, 
i will be there, 
along with a motley crew of forsaken souls and preloved goodness, 
(actually rather a vast amount as i have been manically downsizing my collection of beloved finds 
and emptying my closet)
Our #2 who will be visiting for a few weeks 
and i have roped her into being my right hand pop~up shop man
haha hehe

i may well be even more quiet then i have been of late, over the coming weeks, 
for tis summer and with one of my clan returning for a few weeks 
and working on packing up and shipping out our #3 to start his life in scotland,
plus other things that need to be pondered, 
it would seem wise to spend my time in the moment, 
with them.

i will be popping by though, from time to time
and have high hopes of sharing the bigger sized pebble vest
when i have unearthed the scribbled notes i have lost
under the piles of preloved goodness i have collected 
in the middle of our shed
all ready for thee big pop~up shop weekend...
be there or be square :)

Tuesday, July 8

spickity span on one side, crappity crap on the other ...

one side of mossy shed is now spickity span with freshly painted white walls and minimal amount of crappity crap. 
in fact there is so little in the space i am thinking it looks like we just moved in ...

in celebration i covered a little footstool with a bit of spiffy barkcloth 

and rustled up a hearth~side seat cushion from two cushion inserts and one of my thrifted russian floral scarves. being most in love with my scarf i did not chop it in anyway thus it can be unpicked if ever the need should arrive. 
immediately it past the test, late last night for a spot of illegal parking.

Kathleen's cupboard is looking most splendid with her coat removed and her inners filled. 

my man huffed and he puffed as we dragged her through from another part of the shed. upon placing her just so, he walked away exclaiming he gave it two months before she would be on the move again. oh ye of little faith.
i am not so sure, for she truly is doing a most peachy job of housing all my most treasured collections.

alas, the other side of mossy shed is not spickity span with its greige walls and maximum amount of crappity crap, and thus the coming days will be filled with sorting things for my first 'pre~loved pop~up shop' in a most thrilling spot, to be announced shortly

Monday, July 7

a mammoth of a task ...

hello hello! goodness, the past few weeks have past in a blur of busy bee~ness and i had pin pointed this week for taking it easy but nope, that is not to be for another bee has gotten into my bonnet and off i go again. 

tis all too much ...

it has been six years since Mossy Shed received her coat of white and despite what it may appear, i have not painted her walls other than to cover up the odd wall of wallpaper and thus, she was looking and feeling rather bleah. and so on saturday i started what will be a mammoth of a task, to paint all her downstairs walls a fresh coat of white to brighten things up. whilst doing this i am also downsizing my motley collection of furntiure and knick knacks. sweet treasures i was keeping for a bricks and mortar store can no longer sit waiting for something which i have no idea will ever really become reality. to move forward, and to breath again, i need to let go and so i am. 

the result of this will be 'pre~loved pop~up stalls' over the coming weeks and months. i will of course mention when and where they will be, when and as i know. there will be knick knacks galore, forsaken souls, clothing, clogs, furniture, framed pictures and other peachy things, looking for new homes. many of which i truly would like to keep, as they are rather lovely but its time, time for a de~clutter of the utmost kind.

pre lick of paint, fair thee well greige ...

for today however i am carrying on with the task of painting... the fireplace got a new lick of paint and already the greige looking brick is looking muchly better. (photo shows pre lick)

i will confess the old bod is rather not up to the task of this herculean painting marathon so i am doing it in spits and spats. the first spit being our family space (its self not a small spit but a big old spit i might add) and one end of the kitchen, where i have also dragged kathleen's cupboard through and quite recklessly stripped her of her coat and busy filling her with kitchen paraphernalia which does not get used quite so often as the every day kitchen stuff. this has now given me more cupboard space to play with in the kitchen. whilst doing this i am being most strict and only allowing myself to keep what kathleen can hold in the way of my vintage or truly cannot part with treasures, all else will have to leave home. yep, this is serious stuff, no room at the inn, nor the shed, time to ship out and this includes our old church bench. 

looking for a new home on craigslist ...

all ready after two days i am feeling lighter and brighter, along with our shed