Thursday, December 15

on the 12th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
12 joyful things to note and reflect on
(skill level : easy peasy)

pencil and paper

simply scribble down 12 joyful thoughts
and if things seem a little sad, try to see a silver lining of joy

joyful thing one:
mossy shed is filled with joyful decorations in anticipation of the arrival of my folks today, Our #2 on saturday and Our #1 on sunday. to have my clan altogether for christmas has me giddy beyond giddy. has been so many months since i saw them last, this past week i have not dared think about my girls coming home, for when i do, i well up inside and feel my mothering heart beating. come the 25th we will celebrate christmas, on the 26th we will celebrate Our #1 turning 20 and on the 27th we will celebrate Our #3 turning 16. yes, it is quite true to say, there are many reasons to be in celebratory mood in our shed over the coming days.

joyful thing two:
starting my cadbury's chocolate advent calender on the 10th of december and finishing it all by the 12th. i have always wished to do such a thing, and felt being aged 43 it was high time i did such a risque thing in my life. it was two whole days of pure guilty joyfulness and i plan to do the same again next year.

joyful thing three:
despite my children's grandfather (my man's father) being so terribly poorly over the past few months, with the devastating affects of cancer, this christmas we will be celebrating all the wonderful years and times shared with him and indeed be joyful of those memories. i struggled to find this silver lining, but after the sadness which has engulfed our lives since september, it was important to look for it, i hope you don't mind.

joyful thing four:
having a small pesky doggie with a fondness for thrifted crochet and linens

joyful thing five:
i know this will be the year i look back on when old and crinkly in my rocking chair and marvel at how an indie publisher and crafter collaborated upon a book and how many folks embraced the results. leaving me thankful and joyful.

joyful thing six:
despite my sweet Used Dog not being granted a 'clean bill of health' i am so joyful to be told we have bought her more time on this earth. for now my constant canine companion is feeling perky and happy after several tough weeks. i do not know how long we have left together, the future is not ours to know. but what i do know is, every day i have my friend by my side will be a joyful day until we come to say our goodbyes.

joyful thing seven:
thinking ahead to the new year and my resolution. this past year's resolutions have gone rather well and so i am optimistic for next years. that being said, i have aimed high and i fear it may be 'pie in the sky' high, but i must try and try i will. 

joyful thing eight:
after refusing to shop for groceries in Target because it just didn't feel right, i broke down on tuesday evening and ventured into the food aisles where upon i discovered the most peachiest shortbread cookies with itty bitty chocolate chips in. having eaten half the container yesterday i fear i am too weak in the willpower department (please see joyful thing two) to not succumb to their alluring charms in the cupboard. it is not a good sign when you wake up the next day at 6:30am and within a few minutes wonder to yourself when is an appropriately okay time to have another cookie.

joyful thing nine:
whilst wondering about cookie eating appropriate time, a crafting epiphany hit me this morning, like a little lighting bolt out of the blue, the cogs started turning and i realized seeing january looming and a half empty shed again, isn't looking quite so bleak after all.

joyful thing ten:
attempting to make a star cookie tree on christmas eve with high hopes it will not crumble or fall apart and more importantly not take on an orangey hue

joyful thing eleven:
taking a little time off until mid january and using that time wisely to make things, to twiddle with things and to figure some things out. yes making, twiddling and figuring will be a wise way to spend time over the coming weeks.

joyful thing twelve:
may your days be merry and bright whatever you celebrate this time of year, may they be shared with loved ones, including the four legged kind and ones with wings too and may your coming new year be the peachiest of them all

she is wishing the 'happiest of happies' to you all ~ Tif 

Wednesday, December 14

on the 11th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a joyful branch
(skill level : easy peasy lemon squeezy)

yesterday i mentioned Eline and her peachy crafty book filled with inspiring things to do and make. some very simple, others requiring a bit more time. one page really caught my eye for there was a branch hanging with a little bit of yarny goodness wrapped around it in a few spots and a couple of dingly dangly goodies. i was smitten with this branch and so whilst doing my joyful decorating around our shed, i had no choice but to make a 'dottie angel' joyful branch for us. well for me actually. for my love for my joyful branch is so great, i have told my clan i am willing to share, (because i was bought up properly and told sharing is good), but deep down inside, i do not wish to share its peachiness and i am secretly claiming it all to myself... 
"shall we get on Tif" i hear you say, 
"quite right too", say i

* a nice chunky branch,
(i found mine in the yard where a tree had come down, i went out with my trusty saw followed by my chickens and came back in the shed, victorious with mossy branch in hand)
* strips of fabric
* lace
* ric rac, hardy twine or narrow lace
* mod podge (just a smidgen needed)
* needle and thread
* dingly danglies from you box of glee
* felt or fabric birdies (optional)

1: if your branch is mossy or damp, allow him to dry out. once dry start wrapping him with strips of fabric. you may wish to do different colours, you may also wish to not cover him completely but leave a bit of his bark showing. (i, once again used my peachy Liberty fabric from my fabby friend Rachelle) to keep things in place you could use a smidgen of mod podge on the ends of the fabric strips or you could do a little bit of natty stitching with your needle and thread. (like i did, cause i do like myself a bit of natty stitching)

2: when you have fully clothed your branch and it is most pleasing to your crafty eye, perhaps you may care to add a little bit of lace here and there, or perhaps not. i shall leave that up to you and your branch to decide.

3: next, cut a length of your hardy twine, ric rac or narrow lace which is befitting to how low you wish your branch of joyfulness to hang. tie either end securely to the ends of your fabric wrapped branch, i am thinking 'boy scout securely' here, for things may get a little weighty.

4: hang your branch in an easy to reach place for dingly dangling thus avoiding tired arms and vertigo. if you are wishing to add felt or fabric birdies, now is the time to stitch them in place. then start adding your gleeful dingly danglies whilst singing this song...

"oh joyful branch
oh joyful branch
how branchy is your joyfulness

oh joyful branch
oh joyful branch
how joyful is your branchiness"

and repeat until you have finished hanging your dingly dangly goodness

5: hang your joyful branch in a place where maximum joyfulness can be appreciated. step back, feel the rush of love for your joyful branch, think to yourself how clever your little branch of joyfulness is, for indeed, it is not just for the gleeful season, with a bit of swapping out of some dingly danglies, this joyful branch can be enjoyed all year round

can it really be we are at the eve of 'day 12 of joyfulness' already ~ Tif

Tuesday, December 13

on the 10th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
three crafty souls of joyfulness
(skill level : all levels)

for the 10th day i thought it might be quite jolly to share three crafty souls who are most peachy. each of them very different in their own styles, each of them most gifted in their talents and each of them with books filled with crafty goodness.
most worthy of a wish list or two.

crafty soul number one:
Janet Clare

i have known the lovely Janet Clare for quite the while and i have been delighted to see over the past few years how her talents have been recognized and she travels all over old blighty teaching and showing her quilts. Janet has had a book inside of her for some time and i am most happy this is the year she managed to make that book a reality. i love that Janet not only wrote a book full of wonderful projects but in the back, she gives the nitty gritty on how she crafts, many templates and also brilliant close up photos of embroidery stitches and appliqueing. if you love quilting and applique and love a bit of nostalgia mixed in, then this book would be right up your street

~ a week full of quilts for a girl and her dog ~
projects from monday through to sunday


crafty soul number two:
Eline Pellinkhof

Eline is really a wonderful crafty soul and her book truly captures her love for making and crafting. i have to tell you, i fell in love with the world of Eline when i came across her 'cross stitched' wall art. i gasped thee gasp and needed to know more. Eline's crafty book is written in dutch, however i spent quite the while studying in details the pictures and came away totally inspired (inspiration from one such project is day 12 of joyfulness). i am tres delighted to say Eline's book has been so well received they will be printing an english version in June 2012, "hurrah hooray" is what i say. best of all, the projects may appear winter based, but with a tweak of colour and a twist of fabric they could easily be adapted for any time of the year

~ homedecoraties om zelf te maken ~
(home decorations you can make yourself)
(as told to me by Terry Translator)
53 projects and recipes


crafty soul number three:
Pip Lincolne

Pip and i share a love of the three C's. crafting, crocheting and clogs. i think it true to say we also share a love of crafting for the pure joy of it. i'm a huge admirer of Pip and her crafty soul, she inspires crafters across the globe with her happy joyful crafty soul, generous spirit and i admire anyone who says they do not care what others may think of what they make or the colours that they choose. i think at times when i am fretting about my yarn colour choices i need to channel my inner Pip and fret not. Pip has quite a few books out and i believe more on the go. her recent one when i saw the cover just made me smile, it made my little crafty soul warm up and wish to get busy. that is what i love about Pip and her books. they make me feel its okay to have a love affair with stickyback plastic and twigs. yes, this is the book for you, if you love happy, jolly crafting.

~ while the sun shines ~
25 crafty projects and recipes

and there we have it, three perfectly peachy crafty souls for a bit of joyfulness on day 10 ~ Tif

Monday, December 12

on the 9th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a little string of joyfulness
(skill level : easy peasy lemon squeezy)

its no secret, i'm a big fan of little strings around our shed. some are more exotic than others, when that is the case i call them garlands. if you perchance would like to make something more exotic than this here strings i have for today, you may wish to take a little looky over here and over here (you have no idea how long it took me to track down that last link... yes like most things, my archives are a little jumbly bumbly)

this is not rocket science crafting, in fact truth be told, most of the 12 days of joyfulness have not been, but that is a-okay with me, for this time of year i do believe easy peasy things to craft, are the way to go and there is nothing more easy peasy than these little strings of joyfulness.

* string
* hook
* paper doilies
* (failing paper doilies,) paper coasters
* (failing paper coasters,) scrapbooking card
* (failing scrapbooking card) old christmas cards
* scissors
* hole punch
* gleeful sparklies from your box of glee
* cup of tea
* five minutes peace
* perhaps a small being or two for help
(which may void the 'five minutes peace' bit)

1: if you have some vintage paper doilies or paper coasters in your stash, yipee! if not, then cut some circles out of your scrapbooking paper or christmas cards. i actually don't have any scrapbooking paper but i have noted upon pottling around our local craft store that there is a wealth of fabby papers and some would be most suited to this little string.

2: punch hole in top of each circle

3: start a chain with your hook and string, (if you cannot chain, do not fret, i'll suggest something in a mo.) here you need to decide if you wish things to be even or a little odd in their placement. i decided i wished not to be 'a little odd' today which makes a change. after you have chained a while, add your first circle by slip stitching through the punched hole and continue upon your chain-y way for as long as you wish your little string of joyfulness to be.

if you do not chain, then just cut a length of string to your liking, then cut little short strings and attach to your circles (a bit like a gift tag tie) and then attach to your long string.

4: repeat step 3 for your sparkly gleeful ornaments, with a bit of luck they already have nice little bits for attaching to your chained string

5: hang up your little strings of joyfulness wherever you think needs a bit of joy

tuesday is day 10 of joyfulness ~ Tif

Sunday, December 11

on the 8th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a handy dandy side table
(skill level : easy peasy)

question: when is a stool not a stool?
answer: when it is a 'handy dandy' side table

yes indeedy, if like me, your coffee table has been commandeered into holding a christmas tree and you have a shed load of clan for the joyful season, it is quite possible you maybe lying awake at night fretting as to where folks will put down their little plates of nibbles or indeed their little tipple of sherry.
fret not my dearest readers! for fretting has been banned. instead, find a passing wooden stool, perhaps one that has lurked unloved for sometime under a pile of crappity crap and make it feel loved and joyful again. for after all 'tis the season of goodwill towards all men and i do feel stools should be included.

* one or more stools with flat wooden tops
* paint if you wish (or leave as-is)
* stickyback plastic (yipee!) or wallpaper
* mod podge
* vintage or self printed decals

1: look at your stool, decide if it requires a coat of jolly paint, if so, prepare with a bit of sanding and several coats of glossy paint with your handy dandy paint brush. twiddle your thumbs whilst waiting.

2: for the little top, you can use either stickyback plastic (yipee!) like me or wallpaper. (i have been looking for an excuse to use more faux wood stickyback plastic ever since this table got the treatment.) on the reverse of your plastic paper or wallpaper, place your stool upside down and draw around it. cut out your circle and test it on the top of your stool. it may need a spot of trimming or you could wait and do it a bit later.

3: peel the backing off and carefully place your stickyback plastic on top your stool. if using wallpaper, paste the back of your circle of paper with mod podge and carefully press in place. smooth out all bubbles and keep pressing firmly so everything is nicely adhered. trim now if need be, but do be careful as the paper will be very easily torn at this point. if using wallpaper and mod podge wait for it to dry. more thumb twiddling i'm afraid.

4: add your decals if you so wish (please see 'day 6 of joyfulness' for decal ideas) according to the instructions of your decal paper. press firmly and wait to dry.

5: now your stool has become a handy dandy side table it is most important to protect it, for others will not realize just how special your little stool table is and may plonk a wet bottomed glass down without a second thought. so i would suggest you do several coats of mod podge waiting patiently for each coat to dry. i did wonder if mod podge would go over stickyback plastic nicely and i have to say, it did quite the peachy job. i also know from past experience, when it goes over wallpaper it turns to an almost oilcloth look, especially if you use the 'hard coat' mod podge

6. place your handy dandy side table/tables somewhere handy, and when the time comes this joyful season and you have folks with nibbles and drinks in hand, whip out your spiffy side tables and their handy dandiness with a flourish and a 'voila'!

gosh, already day 9 of joyfulness is nearly upon us ~ Tif

Saturday, December 10

on the 7th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a happy happy twig of glee
(skill level : easy peasy lemon squeezy)

oh yes indeedy! there is nothing more happy then a few twigs of glee doing their thing on your sideboard at joyful season. i must say i have mine in our little front hallway, on the side with a large mirror behind it, thus doubling the gleefulness of my twigs and causing quite a bit of sparkly-ness with the reflection. however i could not achieve a photo in this bit of hallway so i carried my 'happy happy branch of glee' upstairs, most carefully, to get some photos for you to see.

last year, i did a similar happy twig thingy , i loved my branch a whole lot, perhaps more than is healthy to love a few twigs, but i could not help myself for it made me happy. my branch last year was inspired by the fabby december issue of Country Living (UK edition) which my mother kindly sent from across the pond. i recall pouring over that issue and marveling at all the joyfulness which lay within its pages. on one page in particular, a branch sat in a large container and looked perfectly peachy to me and thus i was inspired to make one for myself.
this year, i felt a need to make one again, for such is its peachiness (and easy peasy-ness) i could not resist.

* large jar or container
* florists dry foam
* piece of lace or fabric
* dressmaking pins 
* thread or yarn, and needle
* cream coloured yarn
* a spiffy twiggy branch or three
* gleeful dingly danglies from your box

recipe :
1: wrap your jar or container in lace or fabric, pin in place and stitch with a happy coloured yarn or thread.

2: cut and place your foam inside your container or jar (mine held green olives in its former life) so it fits snuggly. push your twigs into the foam and try to arrange in a way such as they have a nice bit of twigginess going on, for dingly dangling things on the branches.

3: to cover the top where you may see the foam, stuff some yarn balls made from your creamy coloured yarn. i have noted small beings or elderly folks are very handy at making yarn balls this time of year.

4: attach your gleeful dingle danglies with bits of thread and place where others may admire your 'happy happy twigs of glee' 

and just a thought, you could paint your twigs if you would rather, painted white may look most spiffy indeed.

december 2010 issue of Country Living (UK edition)

tomorrow day 8 of joyfulness with a bit of stickyback plastic, oh yes! she's a little giddy ~ Tif

Friday, December 9

on the 6th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
handy dandy decal jars and their little painted interior coats
(skill level : medium peasy)
(i am wondering if this how-to should come with 'an addiction' warning)

i have said medium peasy not because these jars are tres tricky but more because they take a little bit of time to do and the decal side of things can be fiddly. this past summer whilst visiting my soul sister Debbie in old blighty, i found myself loitering in her laundry space, after pottling all around her shed to see what was what. upon the side in her laundry space was several old jars, each one containing an interior coat of paint. immediately i needed to do a closer inspection. upon inspection i inquired as to what she was doing. Debbie then told me she was waiting for them to dry, and that was it. our conversation was distracted by other things and i never did find out what she was going to do with her little painted jars. however such was their loveliness and the quality of 'milky glass' which came from having an interior coat of paint, i thought it might be grand to try it myself. and so i did, and i liked it, and then i had to decal them, because i am a decal addict and cannot help myself.

for the jar
* glass jars saved from the brink of recycling, clean and with no labels on
* household paint, i chose white, you can choose whatever you so please
* newspaper to catch the messes
* kitchen paper towel to help if you get in a real mess like i did

for the decals
* vintage decals
(can be found on Etsy and Ebay)
* decal paper to make your own
(can be found here)
* digital images to make your decal
(can be found on Etsy and most sellers are happy for you to use your images on handcrafted items, just read their small print to make sure)
* spray varnish
* scissors
* bowl with warm water
* kitchen paper towel for dabbing decals

1: take one clean jar and carefully pour a large dollop of paint into the inside bottom of your jar, try to avoid spilling any on the edges, if you do, wipe it off with a damp kitchen paper towel. start tipping your jar towards you whilst rotating it. keep looking inside your jar so you can direct the paint to where you wish it to go. when you have covered all the sides, set it aside for a few hours, then return to your little jar and tipping it up again, rotate to keep the paint moving. this keeps the paint from settling down the bottom to dry

2: it may take several days to dry and do keep checking the sides have stayed covered in paint. do not fret, you will not have to set your alarm in the night to wake every couple of hours to turn your little jar. it will make it through the night, just be sure the first day to keep the paint moving

3: when your little painted jar is dry you have two options,
option one: leave as-is, stick in some fake flowers or a fake candle, you know the sort that has a little battery in, to give the illusion there is a real candle in there
option two: to decal! oh yes, 'to decal or not to decal' that is the question and every time i choose to decal!
if you go with vintage decals, then just follow the instructions, add your decal, wait for it to dry and then voila! easy peasy lemon squeezy

4: or you could make your own decals. either use your own image or find a peachy one for very little cost like i did from this fabby seller. i had no idea there was such a wealth of collage images available, as soon as i discovered this vintage joyful postcard, i was gripped by the need to make decals. once you have found an image you like, take your decal paper and follow the instructions for printing and be sure to seal your printed image with whatever the instructions on your decal paper tell you.

5: patiently wait a few hours for everything to dry, then cut out your decal, soak for around 45 seconds and after removing the backing paper, stick it onto your little painted jar. smooth down with the kitchen paper towel making sure no air bubbles get trapped. step back, feel a little giddy, look around your shed, find another willing victim to be decaled 

6: place your little painted, decaled jars in a cluster, do not pay attention to others who may query a need for empty jam jars filled with paint to clutter up the place. no ignore such comments and just rejoice in the joy of knowing what a glass jar saved from the brink of recycling, can bring to a crafty soul.

my soul sister Debbie and her handy dandy little painted jars found lurking in her laundry space.

the 7th day is on saturday! gosh blimey, a saturday blogging, unheard of in the shed ~ Tif

Thursday, December 8

on the 5th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a merry little mobile of glee
(skill level : easy peasy)

yes indeedy, we are back to dingly dangly again today! this is easy peasy and i think most suited to dingly dangling any little happy things, does not have to be just for the joyful season, no indeedy, afterwards you may swap out your gleeful dingly danglies and add some other pretties. a merry mobile for all seasons and one most suited for 'small beings' to make, how spiffy!

* two sticks, twigs, or bamboo canes of equal length
* twine, string or yarn
* strips of fabrics to your liking
* crochet cotton and hook
(or just yarn or string to make the hanging part)
* thread and needle
* mod podge (not necessary)
* a button or two (if you so wish)
* dingly danglies from your box of glee

1: take your two sticks and holding them in a cross shape, wrap with your yarn or string several times to secure. once again, channeling your inner boy scout might come in handy here. once secure and not wibbly wobbly, tie off your string and cut.

2: wrap the crossed twigs with your strips of fabric, you could use different colours, use a bit of mod podge to keep in place or use a needle and thread just to secure ends.

3: next you can either use lengths of yarn or string, or you may wish to crochet a chain for the hangy part. you will require two equal length strings a bit longer than the length of your sticks, be sure to leave extra either end for tying. when you have tied your strings to the ends of your sticks, (crossing them over in the middle), you will need another length to tie at the crossover part, keeping it altogether nicely, which will become the bit you hang your merry mobile from. you may wish to stitch a button or two on, if so, then do so

4: hang your merry looking 'sticks and string' up at a convenient level for 'blinging'. rustle around in your gleeful box and start attaching little strings to your sweeties and tie onto your mobile sticks. once again we must think about balance here so it all stays nice and level. i have made mine very symmetrical to challenge  myself, for usually i am quite higgedly piggedly with my placement of things, however you are welcome to be higgedly piggedly and i do think you could even be quite 'clustery' as well.

5: find a suitable place for your merry little mobile of glee, i went for above the table for when the light next to it is switched on, the glee of my little merry mobile becomes most sparkly and this year, i am really liking a touch of sparkle mixed in with the joyfulness

you will need paint at the ready for joyful day number 6 tomorrow ~ Tif

Tuesday, December 6

on the 4th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a perfectly patched and pieced pillow-cover
(skill level : medium peasy 
but could be easy peasy if you go for the tres basic version)

i do like myself a new pillow cover however its an odd thing, cos here they call it a pillow and over the pond a cushion, i have often found this particular difference in our language a tricky one, do i say pillow or do i say cushion? for the purpose of today though, we will have to go with pillow because it goes nicely with 'perfectly patched and pieced' and i do like a bit of 'nicely'.

envelope back pillow-covers are by far the easiest way of making a cover i believe and if you make it out of one long piece of patched fabric, even more so. you could make this little 'how-to' even more easy peasy, by using one fabric, forgetting about the buttons and loops and literally cut to shape, sew up two sides and voila! it also might be a little noticeable that i have not used obvious 'gleeful' colours, for the very reason i wished to enjoy my new pillow-cover for longer than a few weeks. you could however choose some smashing gleeful fabrics and even go so far as to applique a bit of 'JOY' across the front. i shall leave that entirely up to you.

and just a note, i work in inches, i know that is not the norm for most, so just do what you need to do in cms and ignore my inches.

* fabrics of spiffiness, 
my fabrics are a mixture of a vintage table runner, a bottom i chopped of an old ikea blind i had customized once, a lovely bit of liberty (red floral) from my fabby friend Rachelle, of which has been the bases for all my gleeful fabric choices this year, a rather nice laura ashley number and a rather nice black floral one with  a spriggy design which reminds me of the frocks i wore in the early 80's. recently i have been attracted to fabrics with black backgrounds and as these are thin on the ground in the vintage department i have gone shopping here

* one pillow insert (cushion pad) of the size you wish to make
* a trusty machine and thread
* a trusty iron and board
* a button or two
* pins and scissors
* something to make little button loops with
* piece of paper and pencil for scribbling notes if need be

1. measure your pillow insert, you will need to make a piece of fabric which measures the same height as your pillow, plus 1 inch for seam allowance and then a bit more than 2 and a half times the width of your pillow. write down your measurements less you forget. this is where you can just cut one large piece of fabric or gather together a few favorites and start cutting strips of different widths and stitch together. be sure to press the seams nicely.

you may also wish to have a little think about the position of your fabrics as to when they are wrapped around your pillow insert, basically thinking about where the blocks of fabrics will lay, for want of a better way of saying it.

2. when you have made the correct sized rectangle of fabric for your pillow insert, press and fold in the two short ends and pin. stitch in place with your trusty sewing machine. if you are wishing to add buttons to your finished cover, now is a grand time to add loops. cut the correct length of your loopy bit to fit your button, pin and stitch in place as you hem the shorter ends

3. lay your fabric right side facing up. take one end and fold towards the center of your rectangle, going past the center point. if you have loops, you will need to fold this piece inwards first. then bring over the other end and fold on top. with a tape measure you will need to check you have the exact width of your pillow insert. if it is too small or too wide, then readjust your fabric accordingly. if happy, then pin in place along the top and bottom raw edges and stitch leaving an half inch seam allowance. you may wish to go back over the raw edges with zig zag stitch, but you do not have to.

4. carefully snip your corners before turning right sides out. press with your trusty iron and then attach your button or buttons in the right place for your loops

5. place your pillow insert in your new perfectly 'patched and pieced' pillow-cover and do a bit of plumping

6. find a most fitting place for it to feel at home, make a cup of tea, find another seat opposite your spiffy pillow, sit down and admire your bit of handcrafted goodness

my lovely bit of liberty red floral fabric from my fabby friend Rachelle and a desire to use it in a pillow cover

she is thinking thursday would be a jolly good day for day 5 of joyfulness ~ Tif