Thursday, January 30

Granny Chic in Japan...

i do not think i mention my printed books tres often, in fact i am quite sure i am a publisher's worst sort of author as i tend to stay quite quiet about them. however yesterday afternoon the mail man knocked on the door, the constant canine companions went quite batty and there on the mat was a package from the UK. within its paper outters lay 2 copies of Granny Chic in Japanese.

i could not help but marvel at the book in my mitts. Japanese craft books were a huge part in the journey i took when first starting out with dottie angel and i still cannot quite believe upon the bookshelves in Japan, since last year my dottie angel book has sat and now, Granny Chic which i co-wrote with my granny chic partner in crime, Rachelle will be along side of it.

i do not think i mentioned either that earlier last year Granny Chic, just a few months after being published in the UK, was published in Dutch and German. quite remarkable really.

i have proudly popped my Japanese version of Granny Chic on the book shelf next to my other books, where it will stay as a reminder to myself.. of this unknown crafty journey of mine i started 7 years ago, the things which have been and the things of which are still to come.

footynote: the fabby photos in Granny Chic were taken by Catherine Gratwicke and it was published originally by Kyle Books