Friday, January 17

a new year resolution slowly taking shape ...

Mister Muchly is terribly good at taking things slow especially where the telly is involved...

since getting back from our jolly trip to old blighty i have been a little slow to get into the swing of things. it has been nearly 2 weeks since our return and i can honestly say all i have managed is to sit a lot and crochet, keep critters and clan alive and go to work in the yarn store. oh and i did clear away the jolly tree and make a 'little book shelf of my own' so really i shouldn't be too quick to judge my slow ways of late.

my next read is way off my usual reading path

whilst on the road, i was filled with "oh and i will do that and then i will do this upon my return", but the fresh shiny new year energies left me the moment we returned to mossy shed. it is like the cogs are willing but the old bod just ain't. so instead of fretting, i am letting my bod have a bit of time off and just going with the flow and as we take our time together, i will continue to let the old cogs whirl. for whirl they must, for there is much i wish to see and do in 2014.

old door curtain from Gladys is hanging around here for a while

i did make a new year resolution, 
i planned it way before the new year, and then when my dottie angel book went out of print, i knew someone up above was telling me, now was the time and so i took down my little notebook hence where i had stashed it and looked at the scribbled notes hastily taken in less than a few hours, one moment in the middle of last year. the cogs had turned, an epiphany had appeared and if i did not get it onto paper and store it for the right time to come along, then all would be lost in the black hole in my bonce... the scribbled notes of a 'book in the making'. 

Mister Muchly is also addicted to playing Animal Crossing. a friendship made in heaven.

and thus, the one thing i hope to start, would love to see finished, (however this time around i am not putting deadlines on myself, for deadlines cause fretting, and frettings cause anxiety, and anxieties cause unwellness, and unwellnesses is a whole path i just do not need to go down again) is a book. a book which i think has been inside of me for quite the while, a book i think would be worthy of taking my time over, to see where it may go and just how it will grow. but first, well first, i am thinking i may just dip my old toes in the old book waters again with a little picture book. yes that is what i will do, the perfectly perfect thing to do, is surely upon all surelies, to slowly but 'oh so happily' make a little peachy picture book...

"really!? do you think Tif will? if so, do you think we will be in it? and more to the point, i heard her saying she was going to have a give away on her blog on monday and well, you could have knocked me down with a feather."