my book

hurrah hooray! a dottie angel book!

alas and alack,

Tif Fussell is a Brit living abroad in a Mossy Shed just outside of Seattle. she shares her world with four teenage children, one man, Used Dog, Little Olive and various other creatures, some furry, a few with wings and one with a shell. 

Tif is happiest spending quality time with Miss Ethel, a trusty sewing machine or indeed browsing the shelves of despair at her local thrift store. on any given day she can be found rambling upon her blog at and selling her handmade ‘granny chic’ wares in her little etsy store.

Tif’s first book with UPPERCASE, The Suitcase Series: dottie angel (the peachy crafty life of Tif Fussell) part biography, part storybook, part crafty how-to and is entirely inspirational. readers will be motivated to pick up a needle and thread, hook and yarn, paper and scissors and start crafting the dottie angel way.

the book contains handstitched detailing on the cover and comes complete with a glassine envelope full of dottie angel inspired goodness. cut out a little lucky bunny for yourself and use the vintage fabric to make your own little string of happy

measures approx 8" x 6.5"
256 pages in paperback.
glassine envelope contains postcard, thread, fabric swatch, buttons and doily bit. contents of envelope may vary.