Tuesday, February 7

where for art thou Tif ...

gosh, can it really be 2 years or more since i have visited this neck of the dottie angel woods. if i could i would tell you in a nutshell what i have been up to, doing 'being', but i can't, so i shan't. however if i may be so bold, i would love to tell you where i can be found loitering these days aside from my studio and my 'cushion'.
me and my youngest lad have set out on an adventure together, the adventure is called curious.and.coe 

you can find us right over here and if perchance you have missed a ramble or two i can be found along with Milo the Buddha Cat waffling-a-long right here.

i do not know what our new column will be, for so long i kept the mute button on but in the past few months it has become increasingly clear i need to find an outlet for all these jumbly bumbly words within my head. if i can spill them onto paper, give them some breathing room, i believe there will become lightness within. i also could be quite wrong... ha! who knows!

so there we have it, i did not think i would come back, but i have, not quite back here, but back over there, so not back at all, but forward if you please... and if you would like to come visit, you are most welcome and if you would prefer to stay in this part of dottie angel's neck of the woods, you are also most welcome and may i thank you most kindly for keeping her company.

Tif x