Thursday, January 17

stay a while and mend me...

after my girls had left
and i was in full on pottling mode, 
removing the 'bits and bobs' wall, 
something caused me to pause. 
two pieces of hand embroidered 
'just say it like it is' wall patches 
lay side by side, 
unpinned where i
had placed them 

it struck me 
how they told me 
what i felt inside.
for indeed when my girls are with me
i am whole
i am mended
and when they are away from me
i am missing a piece
i am a little broken

as i pinned these two reminders 
back upon the wall,
penciling in the 'and'.
i walked away and i prayed,
please do not let it be 
a whole year again
before my girls return 
'stay a while
mend me'