Wednesday, January 16

let me count the ways i love thee...

i have found a new love, i am so smitten some days when i think of my new love it brings tears to my eyes. it might be quite true to say, my smitten ways are so strong, i only have eyes for my new love and nothing else.

i recall once upon a time the same love when i stumbled across doilies and lace, i still have that love, 'tis an enduring one, however my new love has given me a new lease of creative life and is one which has me spending my day thinking of very little else...

i did not think myself a ribbon sort of girl, but then again, quite often i think myself not to be a certain 'kind~of' and turns out i was the last to know. pretty ribbons, vintagey colours, in all their woven wonder~ness have stolen my crafty heart, cogs and creativity.

such is my love for my woven sweeties i have taken photos of them so i may admire their peachy ways even further. as i took the photos, taking time to check each and every strip was feeling a-okay, not overwhelmed by my attention and that of Frankly Frank (taking the snaps), it dawned on me the cooking pot my woven lovelies were living in was not 'a-okay' anymore. was high time i wrapped each ribbon lovingly around a card and then in turn placed neatly, all huddled together in a row, where i may admire them from a far, from close up, from passing by en route, or from just passing by for the excuse to pass by their colourful, uplifting 'i love you like no other' ways

i have become a woven ribbon geek, i say it loud, i say it proud. 
for being a ribbon geek has filled me with a creative joy i have been lacking of late, and in turn that creative joy has led to the old rusty cogs turning and moi, for the first time in yonks, making handmade goodness to pop in my little store... i am plotting, i am planning and it feels mighty fine!