Thursday, January 24

easy peasy as 1 2 3...

as i stood at the kitchen sink yesterday rinsing out a plastic bottle, i looked at the little fellow and marveled at his rather lovely 'bud vase' like qualities... and so i decided there was nothing for it. the kettle was popped on pronto and it was my duty to rescue him from the brink of recycling, right then and there

1: find an empty plastic bottle with a pleasing shape, you may have to patiently wait for one or two to empty (i am thinking soap and moisturizer containers would be perfect shapes due to their narrow necks). clean him out and remove all labels (if he is being left naked in places)

2: find your stash of fabric scraps, scissors, mod podge and brush. pop kettle on, proceed to spend a happy half hour, snipping and sticking

3: when all is dry, give your newly patched friend some blooms and a place to call home

things to consider

* spray paint your little plastic bottle first if the original colour is not to your liking, think a jolly cheery colour which makes you smile

* patchwork your plastic friend all over with fabric, leaving nothing of his former self showing, thus keeping him warm and making him feel loved in the process

* if placing fake flower stems in your patched vase, (rather than real flowers and water), give him a helping hand with staying steady on his feet by adding some grains of uncooked rice to make him bottom heavy

* think of making your patched vase some friends so he does not feel alone, different heights and different colours. or find other willing containers who might wish to hang out together. place them along the kitchen window, so they may do a grand job of brightening up the dull winter days ahead