Friday, January 11

normal service will resume shortly...

goodness me! that was a bit of a blip, indeed it maybe quite true to say, the biggest blip of my blogging career to date (does one call it a blogging career, i am wondering if there is such a thing, actually i know there is, for many a folk has made it so. however i am wondering if i am qualified to call it that...) 

i fear 2012 was rather full of blips, i have no idea why it became such a blippy year, but it did (actually that is not true! i have lots of knowledge as to why but dwelling upon it, i will not). i am thinking blippy years are indeed the norm, 'tis perfectly okay to have one every now and then. i am also thinking how brilliantly convenient and rather handy dandy a new year is upon us
shortly. thus allowing me to put a long blipping year behind and giving me high hopes for a shiny new year laid out before me 'blip free'. 

yes indeedy, 2013 has assured me of its plans to be as blip free as possible. obviously there are no guarantees, however i am a trusting sort of gal and so i put my trust in 2013 for i am a believer and i believe there is a glorious 'blip free' year filled with goodness to come...

thus me thinks it quite perfectly safe to say,
"normal service will resume shortly"
hip hip hooray!