Friday, June 8

the week in pictures...(doesn't that sound grand)

and so dear readers another week draws to a close...and you find me at my little blue desk, not with a wee strawberry daiquiri, (i have discovered to my cost that they give me a seriously bad headache before i have even finished the bottle) but with a rather nice margarita, made the British bung it all in a glass, don't bother with ice or niceties like sugar and just drink. if you care to take a closer look, i would be quite happy to show you...i know, pretty special stuff eh! you can tell i am a lady of taste, as i sip my drinks out of an Elvis glass. and before you ask "did it come from the dollar store" i am telling you this is '100% quality' all the way from Gracelands, Memphis.

before we do our usual recap of the weeks events, which of course due to my failing memory i really can't remember, so we will do the list thing again...our #1 claims that a crime has been committed in her bedroom...she showed me the scene of the robbery, then she led me to the studio where she proceeded to tell me "you have taken my machine, who by the way is NOT called Miss Margery" (apparently her real name is Sophia, i know it just doesn't sound right does it). "and you have held her against her will, in your studio and have treated her badly" (ie. actually used her, instead of just letting her gather dust)..."she is delicate and belongs to me"

"oh" says i...not much else one can say...but to be honest the real crime, apart from our #1 insisting her machine be called Sophia (i like the name don't get me wrong, it's just not right for a sewing machine) is the fact that my man insisted i read the MANUAL that came with Miss. S. Machine...he started banding around words such as "cleaning the bobbin case" and "oiling the machine"...i exclaimed that i do not speak any foreign languages and that maybe he would like to spend his weekend translating and doing the maintenance himself...

so let's recap dear readers

1. my 'taggies' did a wonderful job at rising to the challenge of finding interesting facts about themselves, and quite frankly put me to shame on my pathetic attempt
2. Tif fought the dark side and won...until next time
3. i managed to cook three meals in my crock pot...and we have all lived to see another day
4. i have single handledly raised the sales for Cadbury's Chocolate spread and Slips, albeit to Men of a certain age
5. i have managed to ramble on about ridiculous things for another week..
6. i think i managed three boxes, hopefully more next week
7. my little white cupboard (chest of drawers to be correct) is sporting new handles..went with larger ones, so i could see them with out my glasses on (clever eh!)

8. picked up some nice fabrics along the way, from thrifts stores, superbuzzy and the good old local fabric store

9. managed another 'show and tell'...

10.tomorrow i plan to get up early for our neighborhood garage sale...i planned this last Saturday but it soon became obvious that i had got up a whole week early..

so i guess it just leaves me to let you know next week i shall be introducing a section called 'Tif 's Top Tips' (try saying that really fast after a couple of margaritas, extremely dodgy!) where we will explore the world of gardening, cooking, skin care, dealing with gray hair and anything else i can drag up..right now i am really questioning my sanity..

see you Monday ~ Tif
(do you see those lines...they always appear on a friday...laughing at me, taunting me...)


Anonymous said...

i love your little blue desk ... pretty ...

Francesca said...

wow! thank goodness for that recap, i had forgotten all that nonsense. you know tif, this is very funny blog.
very much looking forward to your top tips.

Stephne said...

Hi i was thinking about you this week whilst on my charity shop trippet, i spotted these two pretty floral original 1970's printed cotton pillowcases, they were soo you! and only 50p each, i did have a chuckle to myself, at the prospect of knowing someones taste that you have only known for two minutes, it's hardly suprising that folk meet and marry from tinter-web! well if ever your sources run dry your end, Oxfam-Mind and The Red Cross in little old blighty has plenty...Stephne X

Tracy x said...

have a great weekend - looking forward to more rambling next week (and your top tips!)
Tracy x

Gigibird said...

Top Tips? You are starting to show off:)
I have enjoyed this last week in the life of Dottie?Tif.
What about a picture of the jeans and slip outfit?

At the very least you need to clean out the fluff from your bobbin case. Try using a cocktial stick (after you've eaten the cherry:))

thesugartemplate said...

sophia is a perfectly adequate name for a machine of such valor.

love, our #1

dottie angel said...

oh you do, do you 'thesugartemplate', nice try our#1 you can't fool your old mum...