Friday, June 15

me, my headache and a christmas tree...

when i woke this morning i had two things on my mind 1. were there any names rolling in and 2. a thumping headache...i did what most women do, i choose to ignore the pain and get on with the day...i thought if i donned a creative outfit it would help me get on with being productive, but alas it was not to be..

i have enjoyed each and every one of the names that are already in the jar (which is really a pyrex bowl), i love the fact you gave me reasons for your choices and i love the reasons! they are all fabulous ( Francesca, i can only imagine that 'Stanley' would be a cross dressing door who at night appears on the stage at Las Vegas with a flamboyant name). quite honestly i think they will all end up as names for my bags and slips...and if you think of anymore, or are still pondering, you can enter as many times as you really have cheered my day.

after a morning of packing and labelling i got to midday and could go no further, my plans to catch up on custom orders was shelved and i did something i can't remember doing in years, i took myself back to bed in the middle of the day...with some painkillers.

the ramblings are low on the ground today, so let's just hit 'Tif 's Top Tips' head on..

my first tip would be 'do not drink and blog, it gives you a false sense of confidence and you come up with stupid ideas like 'top tips'. worse still you actually believe you can pull it off '
but i said i would and so here it is...

'Tif 's Top Tip for this week is GARDENING'

you have two options if you wish your garden to stand out in a suburban neighborhood setting, put plants and flowers everywhere, care for it day and night and mow the lawn regularly...strangers and neighbors will pass by and compliment you on your well kept space. alternatively, you can leave your poor yard to fall into a life of rack and ruin, this will also get you noticed, but not for the right reasons. our garden falls into the last here are a few prize snippets from our carefully ignored yard

exhibit one
exhibit two
exhibit three
exhibit four
and exhibit five

and lastly my favorite specimen of all, our christmas tree, which has been in our front yard since January is nothing short of a miracle tree, it is now June and it is still going strong, with no and my man are keeping our fingers crossed the tree makes it all the way to December so we can bring him in again...i feel that would qualify as a bit of recycling.

wishing you pretty pots of flowers where ever you are, see you Monday ~ Tif


Anonymous said...

now i know why we are friends...i too have a christmas tree in my yard (without a root system)...i'm proud of you for going be a good friend i'll post mine on flickr tomorrow!
xo laura
ps i hope you feel better..

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit Tif. I love wearing frocks and skirts over trousers. It kind of helps with that 'what to wear' decision making that we do each morning. Skirt? Trousers? Nah, I'll wear both!

So, a name for Margery Door eh? Ok, well, with that gorgeous crystal handle she just has to have a peerage so that would make her Lady someone. about Lady Hangalot? Sounds like someone from a Carry On film! Yes, Lady Hangalot, that's my feeble offering!

Francesca said...

tif, i am laughing out loud, i think exhibit 3 is my favourite. only yesterday i decided my 8 pots, with nothing in them but old leaf debris were getting a tad unsightly, so i emptied them all under a tree and stacked them in the garage. i have an old christmas tree, i think it may be 3 years old, slowly decaying behind the garage.

Re: stanley. for some reason, i thought you wanted a boys name. having re-read the post i see there is no mention of this so i was probably delirious from a 5.30am wake-up. Anyway, i'm sticking with stanley, i think your dainty ladies need a good strong boy to support them.
Sorry for very long comment.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Boys watching TV so I'm blogging etc - check out these shoes (I want the first pair), now that's what you need to wear with one of your slips (have to ignore the rather annoying music though)

Gigibird said...

The photographic evidence is damming Tif but it has made a lot of us garden sluts feel that we are not alone in plant neglect!
The memorial garden for Stig and Isabella made me tearful; it had something of the Derek Jarman about it.
But seriously, you have 4 children and a man and a menagerie so something as to give and it’s better the garden than your children.
When you’re over in England later in the year (?) go to a Chemist and buy some Syndol – they are brilliant for headaches/migraines and if you have to go to bed, go to bed.

Tracy x said...

your garden just looks wild, organic and earthy - nothing wrong with that........
just think of yourself as the height of fashion.
have a restful Sunday sweetie - hope you feel better soon
tracy x

Hear Me Roar! said...

How could you let your garden go like that when you have such wonderful pots! I suffer from yard envy of course, but GEEZ! I'm sorry you were feeling bad yesterday, hopefully the fog has lifted. I've been thinking 'bout the door thing, and since you got so many wonderful wonderful names I think it would be a crime to let them be chosen from a bowl (pretty as it is). The proper thing to do would be to let your devoted readers vote on a suitable name. Me and Hear Me Roar's Mother have talked it over and we both favor "Splendora", even though it means MY delightful names will go unused. By the way, my inspiration came from Aldous Huxley (He wrote "The Doors of Perception" which is where the group got their name) and Josephina is one of the Grandma's in one of my favorite books as a kid, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". So now you know. But we like Splendora, so it doesn't really matter.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Looks like your echeveria 9Hen and Chicken ) are still kicking,they are all-time fave plants,I planted some last year.and they have multiplied! I must catch up on your posts,it seems you had some fun!

picperfic said...

now that tree is amazing! Hope your headache went...

Anonymous said...

I just recently found your blog (haven't been lurking for too too long) and your style is inspiring. The skirt with the pants look is very artsy. I just discovered it recently also. But I don't do it to be artsy - just to cover up my big bum. :) Adorable pic.

Toni said...

love your outfit :)