Friday, June 22

eye candy ~ part five...and the RESULTS!

my pretty sweet wedges only got a ride in the car today, i was sooo running behind time with everything that i had to wear my flip flops...i took them in the car with me so at least they felt like they got a trip out...i picked up some lovely fabrics and some super thrifty finds that i will share with you next week. after all you are here for one thing and one thing only...

before we get on with the excitement of the 'prize draw' i must tell you dear readers, that i was over joyed with every name that was put forth...i think what made me so happy was the thought that went into each and every one. and even more than that, you really seem to 'get me', you know me well and that makes me smile... so for your final 'eye candy' this week i give you not pictures but a list of all the names (in no particular order) so you can enjoy them along with me...

miss fortune
dora flora
ophelia's display
stanley (the cross dresser)
eliza d
miss devine
dearest calamity
zuzu petals
miss laura elizabeth
carolina blue
beatrice rose
lady hangalot
maggie the cat
flora dora
uncle charlie (another cross dresser, probably a friend of Stanley's)

each one of these names would have done my little door proud, but alas there can only be one winner and so to the results...unfortunately our #4 was not available (his fee was too high) so i roped in our #3 who required no payment other than to be fed some dinner, so i will let the pictures do the talking...

and the winner is...


congratulations to 'cubicle' girl...the little cuff will be winging it's way to you next week...but before i sign off for the weekend and leave you all in peace, i must just let Lori know that i loved her name and the reason for it. in fact i loved it so much i have tagged it onto Lori drop me a line to my email address and a few little goodies will wing their way to you too...

and one final word (i promise i'm going, this is like an oscar speech)...a lot of these names are so wonderful they will be making appearances as slips, bags and cushions. so thank you dear readers for your lovely choices...

it just leaves me to bid you all a happy, sunny weekend and i shall leave you with Lori's reason for 'Lola'...

"I like Lola. In fact, I hope to have a daughter someday to be named Lola. I think your door should be named Lola because I have the classiest old grandmother named Lola. And... as classy as she is, her slip hem is always hanging out the bottom of her dress. So, it seems only appropriate because of your slips hanging on the door lola, and granny's slips hanging out of her sweet skirts."

calling her "can't live without you" door 'Miss Josephina Lola' ~ Tif
you know it's friday 'cause those damn pesky lines are back...


Hear Me Roar! said...

I WON! I'd like to thank the academy, my Mother, who let me help name all the stuffed bunnies that she sold when I was a kid, the door who was my inspiration (she became almost... another character in the movie), and of course Tif's # 3, who obviously has a real Knack for pulling slips out of a Pyrex bowl. A teacup and a cuff, almost in the same day? I'm just so excited!

Okay... in all honesty though, I think Lola Josephina sounds better though, don't you? It has a better flow....

Anonymous said...

Miss Josephina Lola - a wonderful name for a wonderful door!

dottie angel said...

sorry but i have to disagree...i like 'Josephina Lola' not 'Lola Josephina'. i have to tell you though it will be causing spelling problems for me, that is for sure...but all in all i am very pleased with the name, it suits her just fine and i feel the 'lola' bit adds a certain hint to her past life...maybe it's that Barry Manilow guy that i keep hearing in my head..."her name is lola, she was a show girl.."

dottie angel said...

do you see what i mean about the spelling...look closely at the piece of paper, sigh...

Gigibird said...

You better make sure Josephina Lola doesn't let all this attention go to her head - or she'll be wanting an agent next.

Hear Me Roar! said...

I see what you mean about her middle name hinting that she's not all about grandma knickers and flannel pajamas (something had to be hung on her in the winter). Names are so very important for that sort of thing...

Francesca said...

it's a fix!

dottie angel said...

i knew there would be one!!! i even fretted last night as i went to bed, i said to my man..why oh why did our #3 have to pick out a name that belonged to a friend..and he said "you could have just picked another one, whose to know" gasp!!

but i could have, couldn't i and know one would have known...but i didn't because i don't want to be dishonest..i could probably lose a few readers over this one, but that's life...our #3 had to stand behind me and wrap his arms around my front so i could get the he couldn't even see what he was picking...sorry readers...

sniff,sniff, Tif

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love Josephina Lola ! Such a wonderful list of names(some actually were on my own personal naming my child lists) though not the one I suggested for J-L (look shes already hyphenating!),and please don't call her J. Lo!

dottie angel said...

i had never thought of that!! you are quite right she will remain Miss Josephina Lola with no abbreviations :)

Anonymous said...

i don't think you'll lose any readers!
we'll just keep our eyes out for another contest...this was fun and i love all the names!
:) laura

Lori said...

Yippee! Granny will be so pleased! I'll be sure to let her know that a random, but extremely necessary and important, door. Haha! She'll love it and wonder why I've never told about her sagging slips. :)