Monday, February 10

things to note on a monday...

thing to note #1:
my crafty cogs have been churning nineteen to the dozen. 
they are whirring so fast i am having quite the trouble focusing on anything else.

thing to note #2:
i have the urge to purge. 
alas and alack i have done nothing about it

thing to note #3:
i made a little crocheted hat for my little stool following this here bit of information.

thing to note #4:
my picture book is still in my head and not my hands, darn and drat it

thing to note #5:
i have had my new specs on for 5 days now. 
they are old but new to me frames from the 50's i believe. 
the lenses are stronger 3 in 1's and it was a little tricky for a few days. 
i like them muchly except for the fact they keep sliding down my nose, then i don't like them muchly at all.

thing to note #6:
mister muchly went out in the snow yesterday, he did a terribly good job at building a snow man.
 really for one so small he is incredibly mighty

thing to note #7:
i feel sorry for my man at the moment. 
i am a bah humbug, alas and alack (yes more woe) he is at the receiving end of my bah humbuggish ways. 

thing to note #8:
last night, Miss Ethel and i got busy. 
it was quite the tearful reunion.
 she kindly forgave my wayward yarny ways of late and i, in turn, forgave her rusty dusty ways

thing to note #9:
i am plotting and planning to go to a knitting convention. 
i am debating whether to wear my crochet knitty sweater vest or not... it will be full of knitty folks, i must confess to feeling quite apprehensive

thing to note #10:
i cannot stop taking photos in square shapes. 
rectangles look all wrong to me now.