Wednesday, February 12

blinging carried away...

this week i got a little blinging carried away.

my new crafty basket is a sturdy little workhorse made fairly and tradely. what i like muchly about my sturdy little friend is he has room for everything and if i wanted i am sure my kitchen sink as well. however there is one thing i do not like about my little friend and that is his rather catchy pokey sticky outtie bits. on the outside this is tres okay, (although i fear for my woolly tights at times) but on the inside, this is a big old 'no~no', for precious cargo such as yarny goodness must be carried to and fro to where i may come and go.

with this in mind i bought my little sturdy crafty basket knowing a liner would be the order of the day. my first intention was to make it the usual way, shaping a large piece of barkcloth around the outside of the basket to get a nice fit for the inside, pin and stitch together with Miss Ethel and turn the right side around and plonk inside the basket, et voila. however this did not go according to plan for i spied a scrape of barkcloth with doilified ways lurking in the corner of my studio.

and so many many moments past where i patched and pieced the whole liner by hand, adding as and where needed, till the whole inside was done. my man inquired if this was a matter of emergency whilst scrubbing the bathroom. i replied i was doing research of the utmost importance. 

on sunday after my little basket buddy had his new coat we spent quite a few more moments 'blinging' like i have never blinged before. well actually i probably have, i appear to be unable to not bling, but i think this was quite a mammoth blinging session therefore i have decided it is my most blinging moment to date.

once again my man inquired if another day would be lost on research. i told him yes it looked highly likely, surrounded by my blinging mess, still in pj's in the afternoon and looking slightly wilder than the day before. he looked a little frightened and left me to it, i do not blame him

after a while i declared to my basket i was done, there would be no more blinging for him or for me. when in doubt, 'step away from the blinging' is my motto from now on. 

i test drove my basket buddy and his blinging goodness to work yesterday. he did a mighty fine job at carrying everything but the kitchen sink without a snag or a catch insight. i also admired how well he wore his bling considering he is a 'he'. i decided to ignore how heavy he was, blaming it on my water bottle and not his blinging weight.

on another note,
today i am considering putting a post~it on my forehead for my lads of three, it will say

'please don't talk to me
please don't ask me to wash your underpants
please don't ask me whats for dinner
and please don't tell me you love me
because i might just cry'