Friday, February 28

'an atelier of sorts'...

well it has been nearly 2 weeks since i turned our Mossy Shed upside down and near on 3 since a serendipitous moment led me to the epiphany which led me to my 'turning everything upside down' mode...

i have quite the journey still to take but i am doing a little something towards it each and every day

and on the days when i feel a little overwhelmed i step back and remind myself that all good things take time and this is part and parcel of creating 'an atelier of sorts'. and quite honestly if all i have in life to feel overwhelmed by is shifting my business to a different location in my shed and online, then i should count my lucky stars.

as much as i had hoped, and indeedy i came tres close to signing on a dotted line, my atelier of sorts is not outside of Mossy Shed but inside, shrouded by yards of lace and fabrics and i will do muchly of my atelier businessy busy stuff upon the world wide web. 

at the moment, my man is spending short bursts of quality time finding just the right place to call home, where upon we will work at building an online atelier of sorts for dottie angel. 
(that's quite funny really, because if you were to read the first part of that sentence and no more, it would imply my man has had enough, can no longer deal with living in a world of florals and lace and is looking for a new home. and who would blame him, especially now the 'walls' have gone up in the middle of our downstairs living area) 

my new online home will house the three things which make me most happy, 
and i am hopeful this step is but a small step in the right direction, so when i do sign upon the dotted line for a bricks and mortar atelier of sorts i will be already up and running online, ready to make a jolly good go of things

of course there are days i have looked at the jumbly bumbly which surrounded me and declared i was mad to think i could ever do this. and the days when boxes have turned up filled with eclectic goodness and i wonder if others will wish to purchase what makes my little heart sing. 
again i note, Mr Doubter sitting on my shoulder causing me to stumble.

and then there are days which lead into late nights, where i am in my happy place, choosing only to have high hopes and see through rose coloured specs. yes those are the besty best days and the ones that will see me through to september and the launch of dottie angel's 'atelier of sorts'...

with a little help from my clan and my critters, of course :)