Friday, May 17

Rhody, the Doctor & me...

i have no idea where this shrub called Rhody has come from...

i do not recall in five years ever seeing it before.
i am highly suspicious of  Rhody.
i watch Doctor Who.
i know what goes on out there.
i am thinking Rhody was sent from another planet and is of another life form disguising its self as an innocent over sized bit of shrubbery between ours and our neighbour's yard. i am thinking it could quite possibly have evil intentions of taking over the earth and eradicating the human race.

"oh yes, i'm not stupid you know" i told Rhody when i took its picture, i thought this would be a good way to let it know, i knew it was up to no good. i warned Rhody, "i have my beady eye on you, one false move and i know just what to do"

oh yes, i've seen how it works, i will stand in my yard and shout to the skies above "doctor, doctor... can you hear me, doctor? i need you doctor". it might get a little messy and no doubt i must be prepared to get a little frightened but i have no doubt, the Doctor will save the world from the evil clutches of Rhody the Shrubbery and all will be well just in time for teatime.

how do i know? because i've seen it on the telly, therefore it must be true...

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