Saturday, May 18

a 'cabinet of curiosity' in the making...

today was cleaning day. cleaning day is always a little dull and always seems to roll around way too quickly for my liking. i do not have a specific day of the week designated to this less than thrilling task. rather i judge it upon the build up of dust, dog hair, crappity crap piles etc. when they have got to the point where there is an accumulation in most areas, then i announce a day to clean.

as i was home alone today and the accumulated piles had been mocking me for quite the while, i felt this would be the most fitting day and thus arose with good intentions, donned my most handmade frock of them all and went about my merry way 'tidying and a cleaning'

i do not do this alone, i am always shadowed by my constant canine companions and when Mr Hoover starts up, Little Olive comes alive and there continues a battle between the pair until Mr H switches off again. i was doing 'a-okay', i was on track with a motivation not been seen since the days of Mr Motivator on morning telly during the 90's but then it happened. Mr Dull came knocking, pointed out this was all very well but really it was terribly dull and why not make it more thrilling by adding a bit of shuffling to the drudgery of cleaning. 
"no no no" protested i
"yes yes yes" insisted Mr Dull
and that was that...

except it wasn't a bit of shuffling in the least, it turned out to be an epic several hours, requiring the electric sander to be bought in from the garage, (contributing nicely to the buildup of dust already in the family room). then after giving Kathleen's cupboard a good old rub down, (causing quite a bit of distress to her newly painted coat from last month), 

i stripped her of her blouse and piles of fabric 'inners', and proceeded to collect from all four corners of our mossy shed, my most treasured possessions, (mainly my Marys and a few other forsaken souls). 

yes, the sudden urge to create a 'cabinet of curiosity' had possessed me, however i was not sure what i had to offer up to my cupboard was of a curious nature in the least. i told myself, do not fret, this is perhaps the beginning of a new collection, for now, add some books, and a bit of greenery found on the tree outside. oddities and eccentricities will seek you out, if a 'cabinet of curiosity' is in your destiny.

upon closing the door 

and looking from a far, 

i have high hopes, my destiny will indeed hold curiosity and collectibles but for now, i must figure out where i can ferret away a whole cupboard full of vintage linens which had to be removed to make way for my 'cabinet of nearly, but not quite curiosity'. darn and drat, i see not only cleaning rolling over to tomorrow, but more shuffling as well...

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