Thursday, May 9

dear Mister Muchly...

  welcome to mossy shed! goodness, how marvelous to think, on monday i did not know you, but now, by thursday, just a few days later, i know you very muchly. i must confess Mister Muchly when we bought you home in a little cardboard box around 8:32pm on tuesday night i was a little terrified. for you see Mister Muchly, its quite a responsibility to bring home a little critter and say 'i do' for the rest of that little critter's little life. Our #4 assured me though, that you were the one and in a way, i did like the fact 'a nearly 15 in a few days' lad who is hitting 6ft 2" felt a little piggie would make a good friend.
Oh Mister Muchly, how i tossed and turned that night, thoughts of keeping you well and thoughts of keeping you alive ran through my little cogs...  could i, would i, could he, would he (more to the point) be up to the job. you seemed so little and so terribly afraid. your tiny beady eyes staring so intently at your new surroundings, and your teeny ears listening to all the strange sounds. the journey you had been on, i could only begin to imagine... the next morning, to my relief, you appeared a little more settled, your timothy hay was going down a treat, i told myself this was a jolly good sign and also, 'tis early days, these thing take time. and so i popped upon my facebook wall 

"welcome Mister Muchly to mossy shed... may all your squeaks be joyful ones, may your carefree days be most plentiful and may you enjoy bonding over game animating, homework, yard games and telly watching with Our #4"

   and right there and then, i promptly left mossy shed to run errands, only to return to find Our #4 and you, the besty best of buddies. oh joy of joys Mister Muchly! it would appear, you are all i hoped you would be and so much more and most of all, you are all he hoped you would be and so much more.

you proved to be most brilliant at observing and critiquing game animating

you were extremely talented at staying close by at all times

     you showed a marvelous aptitude for spanish spelling testing (and far more alert i might add than Our #4!)

you have an appreciation of staying warm and cozy whilst telly watching

    Mister Muchly, i could go on and on, however, to spare your blushes, can i just finish up by saying the thing i love most about you is, not only have you given Our #4 all that he wished for from a little critter and i am quite sure will continue to do so, and he in turn will give you all you could wish for from a carer and will continue to do so, but you so kindly are happy to be a 'he' even though you are 'she'. a sign of true friendship between a lad and his critter... 

and for that reason and 'oh so many more', i do love you muchly, Mister Muchly

   yours ever gratefully
Tif x