Tuesday, February 26

dancing once again, with dottie angel...

at the beginning of this here shiny new year, i was quite positively thrilled to leave the last year behind. not that last year did not have some grand things within its 365 days, (writing the granny chic book with my buddy Rachelle being one of them) but never the less, i was delighted to say 'cheerio'

the new year came a knocking and with it i cleared all commitments and agendas, and climbed back inside of my dottie angel bubble to nurture her roots. this right here i believe was a most crucial moment in my path to find inner happiness and health again. (i am not going into details here, i posted about this earlier in the year. in all that i have learnt since last fall and the quest i set out upon, the one thing i am so much wiser at is actually not only listening to my inner voice but also my whole self and what it is saying)
and so by going back to my roots, clearing my plate for Mr Opportunity to come knocking if he so wished, i stepped back into where my crafty soul feels most at home, and in doing so, i found dottie angel and i found a creativity so huge, waiting patiently for me, it literally caused me to weep with relief...

i have been spending every spare moment of my days and nights since then, beavering away on the creative thoughts my cogs have conjured up. it is like after so long, the flood gates have been opened and my little fingers are having a jolly tricky time trying to keep up with the whirring crafty cogs. after a few weeks of beavering away, as and when my body allowed, i stood back and looked at what lay before me and out of nowhere, just like it happened all those years ago when dottie angel first found me, the path became so clear and so shiny, i literally caught my breath. for i was surrounded by none other than a collection, a 'dottie angel collection'. 

each handmade item, stitched with fabrics, or crocheted with yarn sat perfectly peachy next to its friend and there was more... not only that, but within each of their stitches was healing, baja, luck, love and happiness pouring out and most of all 'light', yes a light came shining through the likes of which i have never seen before. right there and then i knew Mr Opportunity had indeed come knocking, he had actually not even knocked but walked straight in, bold as can be and presented me with a most thrilling opportunity. to design and make a collection...

my cunning collection plan goes a little like this. with the help of Our #3 and Our #1 i will be building a website for dottie angel and on this website amongst other most interesting things will be an emporium (because i love that word) and this Fall, i will launch my first dottie angel collection! it will contain handmade, vintage, eclectic goodness never before seen in my Etsy store (which after 6 years i will be moving from). the website emporium will give me the ability to present my wares visually that i have not been able to before and this alone makes me thrilled. the theme for my collection is all about lucky, love and happy thoughts

most of it, alas and alack, i cannot show till nearer the time. however for those that perhaps have been waiting patiently for a dottie angel frock moment to happen, yes there will be some frocks and there will be other dottie angel attire to go with them. it will be a limited addition collection and thus, small quantities and when or if they sell out, there will be no more until the following Spring (if all goes according to my cunning plan, i will make 2 collections a year). i do wish i could share more of what i have been working on (alongside of a few fine folks who are helping me with some of the collection), for it makes me so giddy and it is my hope others will love it as much as i do, but alas i cannot, however i will nearer the time... yes i will. so if perhaps i'm a little quiet, or indeed i do not show quite so much of what i am making you now know the reason why, i'm beavering away on my first 'dottie angel collection' and shiny spiffy new website.

so after many weeks of plotting, planning, doubting, reading Mr Wintle's wise words daily and figuring out how i can do this most exciting adventure whilst still on a quest for full health, i am still as giddy as the moment Mr Opportunity came knocking a few weeks back. yes, of course, i have told myself i am just starting out, there is a long path to be trod and many hours of work to be done, but whether it fails, or thrives, does not matter, for me what matters is, i took a chance, i found my light and i danced once again with dottie angel...  and in doing so, i found me again