Friday, February 22

bonkers, or not as the case maybe...

it would appear in the past few weeks several folks and a few more have contacted me thinking they are going quite bonkers because they are unable to find a comments box upon this here shiny place of mine. well this would never do, no sirree! the thought of folks out there, in the world, fretting and getting all in a tizz looking for something because once it was there, yes they are quite sure it definitely was, but now, alas it is lacking and did it appear that perhaps it never was, had they imagined it, were they now going a little batty, ney bonkers... and so forth

well, let me reassure those lovely folks, you are not going batty and you are not going bonkers. indeed once it was there, but now it is not and that is the way it has been since last summer and will continue to be so.

we appear to be living in a fast paced cyberworld compared to those heady early days, where upon 6 years ago i merrily started to tippity tap upon this here page and only this here page. however, cyberworld got busy, pages here there and everywhere sprung up and then before you know it, you have many fingers in many pies and not enough hours in the day to keep each pie with a finger in it. and then of course we all know what happens then, one just cannot not do a proper job of things. no, not at all, one is stretched too thinly between each pie and alas, each pie is lacking somewhat because it only has one finger in it, or no finger at all.

i love this here place, this is where i can ramble on to my hearts content, however i must say, and i did not think this would ever be the case but i also love my dottie angel facebook. it gives me a place to say odd things which may pop into my head, let folks know about magazine articles, or show a little picture which makes me smile from instagram or just have lovely folks pop by and say hello. i would say it is more of an 'instant & interactive' sort of place, gosh, yes that does sound good, 'instant & interactive' and thus, therefore, quite obviously, for me, the perfect place for folks to comment.

now of course there will be those saying, "but Tif, that is crappity crap, we do not have a facebook page" (mother, this is where you must pay attention) well do not fret nor hang your head and weep, for you do not need one! no the brilliance of it is, you can visit my dottie angel facebook page any time of day and be able to read anything and everything i post on there along with nice things other folks say also. now yes, alright i will admit if you don't have a facebook page you cannot comment, but really truly, that does not matter, what matters is, you choose to come and visit me, see what is going on in the world of dottie angel, note as usual most of the time you can not make head nor tail of what Tif is going on about and then go on your merry way. the same with this here shiny place, stop by, have a ganders, sometimes its a small note, sometimes its a long old ramble of getting to the point ('ummm, like today perhaps Tif!') and then if you do wish to say something, then you can hoppity hop over to facebook where i have my blog post also and say something there. except you can't if you don't have a facebook page... yes ... well moving on quickly ...

please note all pics today have been brought to you by Tif's bead collection, they have most kindly agreed to illustrate this big old ramble despite saying they felt their beauty was worthy of greatness beyond a narrative about blogging comment boxes and a dottie angel facebook page. i so wholeheartedly agreed with them and asked for their forgiveness. they are considering it, which i said was most kind in the circumstances