Friday, February 1

a polyester moment...

i had a polyester moment recently, 'twas not my first, for a few years back i had another. i would of course rustle around in my archives to retrieve the moment but alas, i fear it would take me forever and a day, so please forgive me if i do not. but please take note, that polyester moment still lives happily in our home.

my polyester moment took me quite by surprise. there i was doing what i tend to do when the weather is pants, the daylight hours are short and i should be doing a number of chores which are piled up mocking me... i am dallying with Mr Procrastinator. i give the impression to others within Mossy Shed i am hard at work doing nitty gritty things upon lappity laptop and not as i actually am. avoiding the chore list and browsing the vintage aisles of Etsy. i plumbed in one of my usual searches, started to scroll and there, right then, i gasped. i did not gasp my gasp actually out loud, for fear of attracting attention from others to my window shopping ways. no sirree! i gasped my gasp internally and then i clicked.

surely to goodness, never had such a fabric been found before. the most beautiful coral pink and turquoise sprigs dancing across a background of black. oh me. oh my. everything my fabric loving heart desired at that moment. i did not need to read further for i knew, yes, i knew with such a fabric find, it was not possible for all the 'floral fabric finding stars' to be aligned at once. no, one little star had to be elsewhere doing a bit of aligning for someone else. and yes, there was the word, 'polyester' jumping out at me.

i pondered the predicament. the most loveliest black floral fabric i have ever laid eyes on, its potential endless except for one thing, actually quite a big 'one thing'. it was not cotton. my risky ways of late led me down the path of thinking, and that thinking told me. was a small detail, pay no heed and i could work around the little hiccup.

upon arrival on my doorstep, packaging unwrapped, i had not been mistaken it was indeed the most beautiful of black floral fabrics and it was quite a length i held in my hands. also i was not mistaken, it was indeed the most polyestery stretchy fabric of all time. yet, the pattern and colours were so perfectly perfect and the saying 'where there is a will, there is a way' kept on piping up in my cogs, so a bit of wandering around led me to note, this length of floral delight was the exact same size as our family room window. the window which up until recently had been surrounded by retro wallpaper and which now was hidden from view by me and my white paint rolling antics of several weeks back.

in a trice, quite possibly a bit longer but i do like the word 'trice' and i do feel that is what it felt like time wise. so that is what i will go with... (plus it rhymes with mice and i do like mice, i also like the little shrews we have around here. one such little shrew fellow i found in my laundry room recently, he was most concerned about life and i said "little shrew, do not fret, do not panic, try to stay calm, less your heart gives out and i will have you out of here in a trice")
so you see 'trice' is a most useful word and one which should be used more often i feel...

in a trice, armed with some twill tape and handy help from Miss Ethel, a pair of black floral fabric drapes hung at our window and as i stepped back to admire their florally, perfectly coloured, spriggy ways, (choosing to ignore the static shock i received whilst hanging them), i wondered to myself, if polyester curtains would indeed, make a comeback one day...