Wednesday, September 26

obituary of a mouse...

seven reasons why you will be missed little mouse...

1. you only cost a dollar and lived for three years, in my books that is value for money
2. you accepted the name 'Snoopy' with grace and never let on you were a girl to our #4
3. you survived three years in a household with three cats
4. you taught our #4 to show care and compassion for little creatures
5. you taught me that mice are lovely and very interesting, which i did not know before
6. you didn't eat much, which in my books is even more value for money
7. i will miss blaming the smell of my boys room on your tank and will have to wake up to the reality that in fact it is my boys and not you that stink

little mousey, as you ascend to the great Las Vegas in the sky, do not be will make many new friends because as a mouse goes you are looking in pretty good shape for passing through those pearly gates...

she's off to visit a 'house' for the third time and getting quite excited ~ Tif


Anonymous said...

My condolences on the passing of sweet-faced little Ms. Snoopy. She is in good company with our Stewart, and hampster cousin, Hannah-Banana.
Best of luck on the house visit! Good vibes coming your way from the north east.

Casey Maura said...

aw... *sniffle* my condolences as well! my pet rabbit died about this time last year and I've been feeling particularly mushy about the whole loosing pets thing lately. :p *sigh*

Tracy x said...

farewell lovely mouse.....
travel well to the great beyond - my lot will be waiting for you with big smiles xx
reginald rabbit
barnstable the hammie
nibbly chops the hammie
tolly wolly the rabbit
molly the long legged loony cat
sophia the evil evil birman (but we did love you)
and many more from years ago....

i'm good with animals me.....

tracy x

Diane said...

Oh, that little note says it all--sweet, but sad!

Gigibird said...

Poor little mousey.
Sounds like she had a good life.

Nonnie said...

Oh poor little Snoopy. Sounds like a mouse couldn't have wished for a better life though. Or a better send off.

Anonymous said...

dear readers
i would like to inform you all that my mother failed to add the fact that this little mouse lived in a box in our freezer for a goiod 2-4 months prior to moving before he was actually buried to her post..
well... atleast i THINK he was buried.
your #1