Wednesday, February 4

what, what ...

Our #1 comes home to play today ~ for a whole live long month! 

Little Olive has found something to live for ~ kibble in homemade bone broth appears to be the miracle cure for a broken little doggie's heart

i blinged a pair of handknit 'small being' mitts i bought from a maker in december ~ they are destined for my 'someday a granny' trousseau 

woolly tassels and woolly tattoos are where my crafty cogs are at ~ if this is to be the path which has opened up for me, i am more than happy to take a pottle

in March i am going on my holidays ~ aside from Old Blighty i will be visiting Latvia and Estonia. i am besides myself with anticipation of the creativity i will find on my travels

i have decided to knit a sweater ~ having knit a cardigan, i am thinking a sweater will be a doddle, due to going around and around rather than back and forth. where fools rush in ...

for those who may have read my previous post on letting go and now fretting about no dottie angel frock pattern ~ please do not fret, it will be published in June, i cannot say who with or how until May, then with permission i will spill the beans. dottie angel frocks are still very much a part of who i am and where i am going, alongside of woolly tattoos and teaching again. 

i needed to make space in my head and my heart and my shed, for when i do that, magical things happen such as woolly tattoos. who knew i would be doing such a thing but because i made a small space for calm and contemplation when all around me and inside of me was chaos, woolly tattooing happened. it was for me a magical happening and for me to water it, sing to it, and nourish it, i needed to let a lot of dottie angel's past go.