Wednesday, February 11

florence and the meg ...

 at the moment i am florence nightingale, 
i rustled around in the kitchen drawer for my bonnet and it is pinned quite precariously upon my bonce for the foreseeable future. Our #1 had surgery yesterday and is now home recovering, however we managed to squeeze in a few days of crafting before the op. 
it was muchly lovely to pottle together talking yarny things and then coming home to sit side by side whilst Our Meg happily wove on her homemade loom and i woolly tattoo~ed.

for now though, i will pottle on my own... 

little short pottles around the shed whilst paying close attention to my girl and working on future makes. i am also working on other thrilling nitty gritty things which may cause me to be a little quieter than my usual quiet self here.