Thursday, October 16

my thrifted winter coats ...

i am all set for chilly days thanks to my pile of thrifted woolly friends and two rather nice other finds. 
one is a coat and one is a jacket and both are wool.

the coat is perfectly disheveled and i am liking very muchly how it fits a little sack like. i am muchly liking the lining and the rather tweedy pretty fabric. 

even the buttons made me happy. my coat is not an old coat as such, perhaps only a few years as the label says GAP but i like how someone else broke it in for me and now it looks perfectly disheveled in every way. i loved my new to me coat so muchly so, i wished her to know just how much i did, thus i made her a scarf. 
i will share my scarf and how i made it, tomorrow if i maybe so bold

the jacket i am thinking is older, the fabric and the lining has that older feel about it, but i could be wrong, i do not know the maker on the label and when i looked it up it pointed to leather companies. she is quite simple and i am thinking perhaps once upon a time she had a skirt to match. 
as she did not have a skirt, i gave her a pocket so she may get over her loss. 

i found a knitted pocket lurking upon a scarf i had made donkeys years ago, i re-purposed my pocket and with a medal and a granny brooch 
(of which i will be selling at the holiday makers market coming up)

 i am thinking she is perfectly suited to layering over my already many layers i wear. she has a few creases where i believe she lay in storage for a time, i am wondering if these will drop out with wear or not. i wonder why i wonder about these things. i am thinking this sweetie may need a knitted something or other just around the neck under the collar to tuck into the chest area on days when the wind is a little blustery. 

altogether my two new wool coats cost a total of $34 which i think is tres jolly good when you see what new wool coats are going for in the stores.