Friday, October 31

macrame, beards, more trickery & way too muchly noting ...

i am distracted from my path this past week by the need to nest and the need to macrame.

the need to nest and the need to macrame is due to the total pants weather which descended upon us in recent weeks.

therefore the couch has been dragged in from outdoors to indoors and the usual shuffling which entails has left me trying and failing to make things feel cozy without them getting on my nerves a few days later and feeling like i am being attacked from all corners by 'things'. 

i have spent the last few weeks choosing who will stay and who will go and listing furniture on craigslist and every single piece so far has found a nice home which makes me feel muchly happier knowing this. i am hopeful if the weather stops being complete pants for photo taking i may get some knick knacks online but with *the holidays fast approaching, my folks and my clan coming to stay, extra hours at the yarn shop, several interviews to finish up and a makers market to make for, i am thinking this may not happen till the new year. unless passing elves chip in.

also perhaps, if i didn't distract myself from my path by thinking of macrame and thinking of nesting. for it could be said a pair of curtains at the window would do a grand job of making things feel cozy and warm but nope, i have got it into my head that if i was a little green friend i would wish to hang around in front of this window, safely in macrame wonders with a few other doily clad dingle dangle friends by my side.

the beginnings of 'the hanging gardens of dottie angel' as quipped by Our #4
my macrame is limited ( understatement of the year ). i am a complete rookie and like most things, i have learnt one thing and will use that one thing to achieve my end. thus i have crafted two macrame ( i use the term loosely ) pot holders, one from yarny goodness and one from embroidery thread goodness. 

embroidery thread knotted number
i added some beaded detail to bedazzle close up inspection from macrame experts who may otherwise have been looking at my dubious 'eyeballed' knotting skills.
i then gave up with the macrame side of things because 
a) my neck and shoulders were crying. 
b) using knotted frayed fabric was far quicker 
c) what i really wanted was some incredibly knee weakening spanish macrame to miraculously appear and it wasn't.

darn and drat my impatient crafting ways

thus i sidetracked myself from my pants macrame ways by dream catchers with beards. 
as one does

 and went off on yet another path of which i was not supposed to. 

pondering beard... to beard or not to beard that is the question
therefore this morn i note i am no nearer to reaching any of my 'to-dos to plan for' listed above* 
(did you see that bit of clever trickery? the * trickery? i have a peachy pen pal who does that and i think it most good and muchly brilliant and i have wanted to try it out for a while and so i have and i like it, i like it a whole big lot)

and may i also make another note?
 a note that has me beyond giddy.
i note, no little green friend has come crashing to the ground... as of yet

and my man notes, if my selling of furniture is backed up by the theory we are no longer a clan of six but three (shortly to be two) and therefore do not require so many places to plonk our dwindling number of bods down, then what will happen come the holidays when seats are required for quite a few derrieres than we have available. i told my man this was a tres good note to be noted but i had done a lot of noting today and therefore was all out of noting for one day