Wednesday, November 13

dabbling with skeins...

on sunday i took my 4 lovely Erika Knight vintage wool skeins to the yarn store to dabble with a bit of yarn skein winding. thinking it muchly a cunning plan to practice the fine art of skein winding upon my own little yarny skeins before i am let loose on customers of the utmost kind and their yarny skeins.

i must confess, in days gone past when skeins were more common place in mossy shed i would find a small being to help but small beings are rare these days, almost as rare as skeins of yarn. thus it is quite the thrill to dabble with a skein or two again. 

the yarn which is having all my attention lavished upon it this week is vintage wool by Erika Knight. upon perusal of her most loveliest of books Simple Crocheting, my crafty heart and my crafty head settled upon the Edging Stitch Scarf which is a garland of jolly popcorn crocheted flowers, looking mighty peachy in the picture and i thought to myself... well that would look mighty peachy wrapped around the outside collar of my granny peachy pink coat found a few weeks back on a thrift store pottle. i say the outside because i am fearful if it were on the inside and being wool it may be a tad itchy. 

i am muchly enjoying making the little crocheted popcorn flowers and doing a jolly good job of not getting all itchy and bothered by the yarn so far. 

a quarter of the way through i cannot help but admire how well my little balls of wound skeins are doing at staying all wound up, just as they should be and not collapsing from the middle out. this gives me high hopes, the same will be said for the skeins i wind for customers in the store :)