Tuesday, November 5

a frock for the holiday season...

on friday some peachy perfect barkcloth arrived on my doormat. i do believe it is tres tricky these days to find tippity top barkcloth in yardage and unused and in a colour or pattern one likes. every now and then i will trawl the aisles of Ebay or Etsy and more often than not, i come away empty handed. but not this time, this time i struck barkcloth gold, 3 yds of floral fabulous-ness

when it arrived, i took a good old ganders and truth be told, the pattern was way larger than i had anticipated. i pondered and thought to myself, what lovely curtains it would make but no, no that could not be, for a barkcloth floral frock must be. so i pinned and snippity snipped the frock out, after having done a turn in Miss W Machine. thus no turning back to curtains...

on saturday i took more than a few hours out of the usual round of saturday chores and dabbled with Miss Ethel. at one point it became obvious having plotted and planned a front and a back, i had now made the back the front and the front the back. i told myself this did not matter and indeed upon finishing up the frock with 2 rather lucky horseshoe shaped pockets and standing back to peruse, i noted the back that was now the front turned out perfectly perfect with the pattern and its position.

on saturday eve, i donned my newly made vintage barkcloth frock and left for a party at the yarn store, alas and alack, 40 minutes later i returned in my frock having made it only a third of the way. the storm had bought trees down willy nilly and not knowing my way around in the dark, i was unable to find a 3rd alternative route to the first 2 i had tried

on sunday it was a day for dottie angel to come out to play, a 'collection of sorts' photos were a mustly must. i asked Our #3 if he would be so kind as to take a pic of my newly made and donned frock and so he did. upon close inspection i am most delighted with my first attempt at using large florals on a frock and thinking the colours perfeclty suited to the up and coming holiday season. 

this frock without a doubt, will be packed in my little suitcase come december when for the first time in 13 years, we will be going 'home for the holidays' hurrah hooray!