Tuesday, October 1

there's only room for one of us in this here Mossy Shed, Mr Doubter...

quite suddenly from nowhere it sprung. the urge to paint. oh happy happy sprungy urgy day. and so it came to be on saturday late at night, the old dusty rusty painting cogs began to whirl. i told them the timing was not convenient for i had just finished listening to my calming meditative 'every day in every way you get better and better' cd and was all set for a jolly good nights sleep when 'ping'! from nowhere, it sprung...

on sunday, after creative cog churning in the early hours, i asked the fine motley lot of dearies over on my facebook page if they had indeed dabbled with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. for indeed i did i do believe, but we are talking many many moons, too many to count, ago. the praise for her paints was shouted from roof tops near and far and so off i went on an investigative mission. a mission which involved 2 things. thing 1: find some chalk paint and thing 2: find some willing victims. 

yesterday afternoon (monday) found me paint in hand and a willing victim at my side. i do believe on any given day one could be accused of being a little batty for putting paint to brush to old english church pew but thankfully my calming, 'nothing will ever phase you again' cd's are doing wonders and i just go with the flow, i do not fret i could ruin a lovely forsaken soul (not a cheap one at that) nor do i fear the fact i am using a paint totally out of my painting comfort zone.

no Mr Doubter on my shoulders, nope, no room in this shoulder inn. and so it appears, due to lack of accommodation with moi, he has well and truly high tailed it over to Little Olive's shoulders

 and therefore it makes me note, (not doubt) Little Olive is not paying enough attention to my calming and comforting cd's and will not get a gold sticky star in class this week.

today i am hopeful the second coat of old white will do a lot better than the first. for the first has left my 'not quite, but could nearly think it, oh why did i paint you' church pew looking tres limed old oak with a heavy dash of antiquing. i will bravely carry on, i will not crumble, i will not doubt

in the meantime, to distract me from being distracted from my 'go with the flow, i have no doubts' attitude i have found another willing victim within the four walls of mossy shed.

 ah yes! our dining room table. tis a lovely old table and over the 18 years of living with us has seen layer after layer of paint but no more! come the next few days i will turn my attention from my church pew to my table top and with it, those layers of paint will be removed and in its place, a lovely old woodened topped table will be standing ready for action. i am armed with mitts, scrapers, drop cloths and an eco friendly stripper. 

i am not saying any more, how could i possible top 'an eco friendly stripper' in mossy shed...

oh well, yes okay, Mister Muchly easy peasy tops that

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