Sunday, October 6

a roundie once again...

not last week but the week before i made a roundie cushion. 
i made it using the easy peasy lemon squeezy how-to 
from the Liberty Book of Home Sewing on my bookshelf.
(except alas, mine doesn't have this lovely cover for some reason)
i pondered if the use of my 'love you like no other' polyester fabric,
would indeed make for a roundie cushion of the utmost kind

wisdom told me to leave 
Miss Ethel out of the proceedings,
lack of knowledge sewing stretchy fabrics 
could only end in tears.
(such wise ways can only come from being 45 i told myself).
so with a bit of dandy hand stitching 
taking no more and no less than 20 mins
my roundie cushion was born
in all her polyester black floral glory.
and after another 20 mins (no more, no less)
her glorious roundie self was adorned 
and thus completed, 
with Little Olive hairs and some serious illegal parking