Friday, August 30

glorious gladys popping open...

!! hurrah hooray !!

it will be a most marvelous two days
filled with
knick knacks
(paddy whacks)
(are we allowed paddy whacks anymore?!)
forsaken souls
(looking for forever homes)
linens galore
(and more)
handmade goodness
(dottie angel style)
granny chic furniture
(perfectly suited for grannies and granny chic likers very muchlies)
china and collectibles
(sets, and odds and ends)
and of course
Our Gladys
(looking for the next adventure in her airstream life)

if you know of folks near and far
who might be interested in
Glorious Gladys popping open.
please do share freely!
alas and alack
my city will not allow
 Gladys' sandwich boards
on the main road
at the bottom of our hill.
within moments of spotting them,
they whisk them away
back to their city lair.
thus no passing traffic 
will ever know
she has popped open her doors
and the treasures
which can be found within

so this time around,
i must rely on 
myself and others
shouting loud
and shouting proud
Glorious Gladys
and her 
popping up days!!

thanking you muchly
Tif :)