Friday, August 16

dabbling some days, others not...

after what has been forever and a day, i have started a new crochet project. hip hip, hooray! armed with my most delightful bunch of yarny goodness from here, i set forth around about a week ago and a little bit with creating a blanket. as per my usual way of crocheting, i favour squares and rectangles and easy peasy. i pondered many different options for my blanket and in the end, i came full circle and revisited my 'ordinarily extraordinary' blanket from yonks ago.

you know, i rarely have interest in things such as how many folks are reading this, or who visits my little ramblings etc. its just not something which is me. however even i would have to have been living under a rock for years not to have noticed the one page on my blog which is visited the most and when i say most, i say a whole lot of mostly, and that little mostly page, would be my 'ordinarily extraordinary' blanket page. how marvelous to think a simple patchwork blanket with a natty join, could make so many happy in their crocheting adventures.

well i do not mind admitting in the least, i am a little rusty with the whole 'natty' join bit which produces a rather pleasing eyelet design and more to the point, a rather pleasing, no tails to thread in afterwards thingy-me-bob design. which is why i did it in the first place.

so armed with my new yarn balls of brilliant colours i not only will be joining the sides with the eyelet spiffy natty joining thing (that's if i can understand my own instructions due to rusty cogs on how its done) but i have decided to throw caution to the crocheting wind and when i change from colour to colour, not join at the end of the square but join mid square due to not wishing to bother with weaving in those tails either. gasp, shock and a little bit of horror. i know! a rebel in the making

i learnt this way via a very nice dearie on YouTube, i believe it is called a 'russian join' and you just have to put in something like "how to join yarn together without a knot in crochet" and up she will pop. you will know it is her for you will have to watch it several times because to start with, you watch it once and then realize you didn't pay any attention to how to join your yarns together because you were so fascinated in watching her long nails and marveling at how she can do anything with such nails, let alone join two pieces of yarn together without a knot! 

my basket of yarn and growing crochet has me most happy, such is my enjoyment, i take it up to bed with me and place it where i can see it as i drift off at night. only to awaken the next morning, fresh as a daisy (i so wish that were true) and pick up my bundle of crocheting goodness and carry it back downstairs for another thrilling day in mossy shed. some days we do not get to dabble but others, dabble we do

of course there is a nagging voice, always always a nagging voice. questioning my colours, the placement of them, the odd looking join mid row with the clever russian knot loopy thingy and making me doubt this 'ordinarily extraordinary' blanket will ever end up on our settee this winter and more than likely end up on the racks of despair for some thrifty fellow to pick up, take a look-see and then replace, tutting and shaking their head...

"begone little naggy voice, begone i say", reaching for my rose coloured specs

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