Tuesday, April 24

spring is in the air...

our #4's artwork

i always know that spring is on the way in our house because of some tell tale signs. obviously the sun shining through the window, highlighting all the dust and finger prints is one give away sign...but the most telling sign is my boys needing haircuts. now i am sure for most, this is no big deal, but in my house this is an annual event...i liken them to sheep and the need to be shorn when the weather starts to get warm.
saturday saw both of them balanced on a stool in the kitchen with their mum looming over with a pair of rather blunt scissors and a plastic comb. it always starts off alright, as i am not too bad at shaping one side, my problems arise when i need to mirror image the other side. by this time #4 is getting antsy, has lost his towel and is complaining about the itchiness, as a large red rash is enveloping his body...did i mention that i dry cut their hair!
anyhow it all ended fine, they do not need to be seen wearing a hat at all times in public and i also didn't need to revert to getting the clippers out (which has happened before). so here is #3's before and after, and here is #4's before and after...
not a huge amount of difference, but at least they are smiling


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Sarah and Jack said...

Those big grins in the after photos make me smile. (However, my son's home made haircut didn't turn out nearly so well!)