Monday, April 16

love at first sight...

i admit to being a late comer to Etsy
i stumbled across the site through an ad in the first copy of craft, last november. it was love at first sight.
i knew immediately that i needed to be part of this growing family of crafters and designers selling their wonderful wares...
what i didn't bargain on was the amount of beautiful things that i would find that i suddenly couldn't live with out. a perfect example of that is pictured right here ~

joy & contemplation

by millymollymandy , i just love this pretty pair of pictures and am now looking for the perfect old frames to do them justice. one of my favorite reads as a child was the millymollymandy books, how could i resist this if you have time to stay and browse, here are a few more artists that have had my money

theblackapple ~ ashleyg ~ badbird ~ irishluck

and here are ones that will soon be getting some

clarissa ~ suezybees ~ treehouse28 ~ birdie1973

now i am off to vacuum the used dog's hair off the carpet and set about my working day. this week it is "bag making week ", watch this space...

happy monday, Tif

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