Friday, September 5

peachy frock news ...

i have some peachy frock news 
but alas i cannot share all the nitty gritty.
"boo Tif, boo"
however i can share a few things

thing one:
i have been fine tuning my original dottie angel frock pattern,
(i call it my original merely because it was the first one i created
my other frock patterns have come along since 
but this sweetie was originally the first, 
thus she is called original)
i fine tuned her using several yards of a fabby rowan fabric 
i stumbled across on clearance 

and another little ditsy number which caught my eye.

i also fine tuned her with a vintage bed spread 
which caused my knees to go weak.
when the knee weakening fabric arrived upon my doorstep 
i had plans to make window dressings.
however it did not take long for my friend to tell me 
she wished to be a frock.
i noted some clever bit of trickier would be required 
as the width was not there.
so i went with the flow, original bed seams and all

and i must confess,
this is my fabby favourite frock to date.

thing two:
alas and alack i must confess yet another confession.
 things did not go according to plan
and i will not have a frock update this fall in my shop
"boo Tif, boo"

thing three:
however i am rather giddy to share,
if all goes according to my cunning plan
and the plan of another,
there will be a dottie angel 'original' frock pattern
released for spring 2015
for every man, dog and granny chic frock wearer to make.
"hurrah Tif, hooray"

copyrighted image courtesy of Anna Dianich of Tolt Yarn and Wool

my thoughts exactly dearest reader ...