Thursday, December 5

knitty news & numpty bangs...

numpty bangs:

yesterday i went and got the old gray pesky roots sorted out. i threw caution to the wind and channeled my inner Gudrun Sjoden asking for a short choppy fringe
i came home with numpty bangs. 
for the rest of the day my numpty bangs taunted me from above. 
my man looked at me when home he came.
he paused, 
he pondered 
and then he inquired
"did you get your hair done today?"
to which i answered
"yes i did"
to which he was stumped
and changed the subject

it was suggested by my adopted auntie that i pin them back,
i told her, they do not pull back for they are numpty bangs and have a mind of their numpty own, and if Gudrun passed me in the street she would mock me and my numpty bangs and have to cross the road.
my adopted auntie asked me to send her a pic, so she may see for herself, i told her no pics allowed of numpty folks and their numpty bangs...

later that day, i could not think straight as i made my gleeful frock smock sack due to numpty bangs hanging around above me. i fretted if i went to work the next day perhaps they would ask me to leave. politely saying 'no numpty bangs' allowed here. or worse still, my numpty bangs would put folks off coming to my market stall on saturday!

this morn i arose, me and my numpty bangs and decided perhaps they were not quite so numpty after all and indeed if someone were to say "Tif, you do look nice today" i would proudly say "oh thank you, yes it must be my new numpty bangs" and go about my day quite happily, numpty bangs and all

knitty news:

at stitch circle on tuesday night i cast on another hat. this time a 'man hat' no less! for Our #3 has requested a knitted hat, not too bulky, not too saggy, not too itchy, not too tight, no sirree! he wishes for a knitted hat just right. so off i go again on my joyful hat knitting ways, 

with a 'what will be will be' attitude for i did not wish to swatch, although i am told by my yarny buddy Veronika (who is a knitter of the utmost kind) that not swatching will be my down fall. i know she is wise, i know she knows best and i know one day, not too far away when i make my first cardigan, and i get to the point where i try it on and either i cannot get my arm in the sleeve or i can fit my whole body in one sleeve, Veronika's wise words will come back to haunt me. and from that day on, a swatcher i will be, until then though, i am merrily happily living and laughing with my none swatching knitting ways


* more knitty news, oh hurrah hooray! today is our first holiday one skein project over at the yarn store's blog. me and my Erika Knight doily mats are featured, however please note my numpty bangs are not... and do you see my badge! how thrilling is that, my very own name badge to wear at work!

* little olive is on the mend! hip hip hooray! still a ways off from being a 100 percento, but on the mend she is 

* okay okay, numpty bangs which are now growing on me :)