Wednesday, July 10

things to note...

thing one:

our staycation was most marvelous and magical... in amongst it, we rebelled and went on a mini 2 day vacation across the border. i am wondering if that is breaking all the rules of staycationing? if indeed, one goes on a vacation whilst staycationing, technically you are no longer staycationing and therefore you are on vacation and can no longer claim to be a staycationer. its a tricky dicky thing, because right after we returned from our mini vacation we went back to staycation mode, but is it then a bit like one saying 'i don't eat dairy' and then conveniently ignoring the cheese on top of your Italian thin crust pizza and thinking it doesn't count because you asked for 'light cheese' and after all, it was only a sprinkling, a mere dusting, and thus isn't really dairy after all. "ummmm Tif?"

thing two:

i am surrounded by green friends, inside and outside... i cannot but marvel at how a little itty bitty seed can grow so big and so mighty. i have yet to see them actually grow with my own eyes, but grow they must, when i turn my back, and look again, voila! they are taller than 10 minutes before. thus, i marvel at the wonderment of each and everyone of my little green friends. we have tasted our first crop of peppers and our strawberries i liken to 'truffles' as they are tres rare but oh so magical its okay to only have enough for one each of my clan every few days. in the evening when i have finished watering outside the overhang 'indoor outdoor' area 

and turned my attention to the front patch outside our Mossy Shed. i spend quality time with each and every little new greenie trying its very besty best to root deep down and survive the summer heat. 

 i then pop away my watering-can and feel a little sad because our time together has come to an end for another day. yet, i'm a little giddy inside knowing when i awake the following morn i will get to see what magical magic-ness has gone on whilst i slumbered

thing three:

tomorrow morn i have my first job interview in over 22 years. i am mustering up all my snoopy courage and hoping my crafty soul will shine on through despite my lack of experience with working out in the big old world. my qualifications within my little world are many fold i tell myself and its just a matter of believing in myself and what i have to offer. i will read Mr Wintle's wise words several times before i go to bed tonight and then i will do what i did with my pitiful revision notes when at school, i will place Mr Wintle under my pillow and hope that his wisdom will seep into my cogs whilst i slumber so i awake, fresh as a daisy, filled with thinking big and believing i can. (nope, sorry, no questions taken at this point on if this process worked for my school exams, alas, not enough time)

thing four:

today to distract me from my up and coming interview and to take me back to my happy place, actually, my two happy places. happy place number one is crafting, happy place number two is gardening, i am combining them to make doubly sure i find a happy place today. so i will be making a grand sized 'little string of happy' for the large fir trees out front. of course, there are those who may point and say "fool Tif, surely you have learnt from times before" but i say, 'foolish maybe or ah ha! maybe not, maybe an optimist instead'. yes i am fully aware every single spring when i pop out a garland or two around those large beasties of trees, the pesky squirrel who lives up high above thinks i have done so, just to a) drive him/her batty and b) provide him/her with peachy nesting material. however this year, i have not seen hide nor hair of a pesky squirrel and therefore i am optimistic this is the year to string up my grand sized 'little string of happy' and best of all, this is the year it has a fighting chance of still being strung for the whole of summer 

fighting talk, that Mr Wintle would be most proud of, i like to think...