Saturday, June 1

small and mighty...

there's a saying somewhere, 
i don't know where 
and i don't know exactly how it goes, 
but it is a long the lines of 
'out of small changes come big things'. 
and that my dearest reader, 
is exactly how i have been living since last september. 
its been my motivation to keep on keeping on.
to not feel beat
when my body told me so... 
small little changes is all that was needed 
to make the mountain
into mole hills
and slowly but surely 
it has added up to a mighty big change. 
a change for good.

one small change:
growing seeds... 

sunflowers, sweet peas and geraniums beginning to shine 

the seeds i planted,
 just a little while ago, 
have become seedlings and grow stronger by the day,
it makes me marvel
at their winning ways
i want to be that seedling
small and mighty

one small change:
homegrown strawberries

quite possibly the sweetest most delicious strawberries
i have ever tasted.
1 for me
2 for Our #3
 just the other day...
how wonderful it felt
to offer up some homegrown goodness
to my child
albeit small
but it felt most mighty

one small change:
succulents and sedums

truth be told,
i did not think i had inherited my father's
magical way with greenie goodness
but now i am beginning to think 
i just never gave it a chance,
i never took the time to stand still long enough
till now that is.
now all i wish to do is nurture my little green friends...
when i find them, i bring them home
and i re house them in a thrift store find,
be it ceramic, tin, wicker or glass.
and that is all i need to do
for them to know i love them.
and in return, they start to grow
and before i know it,
i have myself a little indoor garden of my own.
one in the family room

and one in the kitchen
(not shown)
a miracle of greeny goodness
reflecting how they might be small
but together with friends
they can be mighty

one small change:
home cooking

not my forte, nor my craft
i have always so wished it to be,
however it took my body to final shout loud enough
for me to make the food i eat a priority
in my day to day living
and in turn
what i feed my clan.
will i ever be a master chef?
no sirree! not me,
will i ever be able to knock up a simple cake?

yes sirree! yes me!
simply a small gesture,
making my lads of three
mighty happy

one small change:
putting things in my shop window

patches of positivity 
and other handmade goodness...
slowly but surely
makes me know
things are beginning to look mighty fine

one small change:

(not shown)
twice weekly
(if my bod and my head is willing and able)
(as and when)
(as and when)
finding my light
(each and every day)
this small tiny change
has alone moved a mountain,
proving to me
small surely can become mighty

all these small changes 
alongside of help from friends, family & drs
have led to big changes...

over the past 9 months
along this journey of searching
and indeed finding my way,
i continue to take one day at a time,
knowing some days will be good days
and others are less so
but always
being thankful for the small things
and marveling how they in turn,
have helped me grow in a mighty way