Tuesday, June 4

dearest bathroom...

it has been five years since we meet. do you recall those early days? when mossy shed was so neglected and in need of some serious loving care. how i spent days, months nursing her back to health and in return she so very kindly became all i wished to have as a family home? and then i stopped short of you, and there you stayed, waiting patiently 

with your faux mustard marble counter top and shower enclosure, 

with your green 'seen better days, no never saw better days' carpet

with your lacking in door and privacy

and with your papered and painted several layered walls, and let us not forget your rusted sink and tap
(which we had to do a quick fix on when the plug hole fell through your bottom)

yes waiting patiently for your moment to shine, quietly for five whole long years, as all around you was loved. well my fine friend of a bathroom, it would appear your waiting days are over. 33 whole years on from when you were first put together, this week you are being taken apart and slowly but surely over the coming weeks, your neglected sad ways will be no more and like the ugly duckling, you will become a swan

not just any swan, my fine friend of a bathroom, no sirree!
 my vision of a swan
Tif x