Friday, June 21

a 'staycation of the utmost kind'...

i am particularly giddy, 
for we are starting our staycation tomorrow...
Ma has arrived from across the pond,
the lads are out of school for the summer
and it seemed the most perfectly perfect time
to have a staycation

i have never ever had a staycation before
our summers are usually spent in old blighty
and upon our return,
we sit in a heap
and then when the time comes
muster energies for school beginning again

but not this year!
ah ha! no sirree!
this is the first year in near on 13
that we will not be travelling to our homeland.
we will be staying put
and staycationing!

doesn't it just have such a jolly exotic sound about it!
"oh yes, we staycationed and it was most delightful, how about you?"

our staycation is a whole 2 weeks long
i have yet to plot and plan the whole thing
but i hope it involves the rain buggering off
and Mr Sun shining down on us...

*i am thinking strawberry picking beyond our own backyard
(so we can each have more than one)

*i am thinking mini bird nests in my hair each and everyday
(cos its darn thrilling to be able to tie up the old locks again)

*i am thinking lazy picnics by the rivers
(and afternoons drifting on inner tubes merrily)
*i am thinking days of wearing my new saltwater sandals
(feeling like i am 7 again)

*i am thinking endless days of wearing sunshiney frocks
(perfectly suited to a staycation me thinks)

*i am thinking days up north visiting interesting little towns
(full of quirky odd stores and forsaken souls to rescue)
*i am thinking thrifting on cloudy days
(Ma is keen to find some vintage floral bedsheets
thus, we have a mission and i do so like a thrifty mission)
*i am thinking baking cakes with the right sort of flour in them
(otherwise it quickly becomes a shortbread/cake)
*i am thinking afternoon naps with my constant canine companions
(cos they are the best sort to take naps with,
because they are experts at it)

*i am thinking it will be the bees knees
whatever we end up doing...
yes, it will be
a 'staycation of the utmost kind'
i have no doubt

normal service will resume on monday 8th July
till then, wishing each and every dearest dearie reader
'a peachy one'

Tif x
footynote: to those in old blighty, be prepared, this may well be the year a heatwave hits due to us not being there, sort of guaranteed :)