Friday, June 7

'peachy plant pocket handy hangers'...

yesterday and today there has been lots of banging and crashing up above with my wonderful builders demolishing our old bathroom (looky see here if need be). walls have come down and now its just a nice big (well small) open rubblerly space waiting to be built up again into something quite spiffy.

to keep my constant canine companions out of harms way, i have barricaded most of the downstairs of our Mossy Shed, thus confining them and moi to the kitchen and the outside living space. so far we are doing most brilliantly...
 outside when Mr Sun has his hat on 

and inside when he does not

to keep ourselves from going batty, loopy or a little nutso from all the banging and hammering, and indeed calm their little critter nerves we are crafting away on 'peachy plant pocket handy hangers' whilst listening to the 'non stop, back to back' classical music radio channel i happened upon. 

yes indeedy, i have moved away from making little doily hammocks for my little green friends and stepped it up a notch, oh yes! little 'peachy plant pocket handy hangers' no less, which i do believe remind me somewhat of little neck purses and its all i can do to stop myself from popping one around my neck and taking my little green friend out for a jolly to the grocery store

over and out
footynote: well, yes i will confess, i did tippity tap this ramble with not one but two of my green friends hanging around my neck, and i must say, they were most well behaved and did not cause the least bit of argy bargy despite being in close proximity to themselves and my loopy cardi. i am thinking just how marvelous my little succulent and sedum green friends truly are with their very undemanding ways... yes most marvelous indeedy.