Thursday, June 20

thee a-m-a-z-i-n-g-s

i first stumbled across The Amazings via mollie makes magazine, immediately 2 things came to mind. 

thing 1: how simply marvelous of a magnificent idea
thing 2: for the first time in my life i looked forward to turning 50

"be gone, pesky leaf eating invisible crime committer, big gone... "
i then proceeded to map out my next 5 and a bit year plan and see if i couldn't wangle the path to be somewhere in old blighty by the time i turned the big 5-0 and then apply, i am thinking they must have an application process of some sort. ("ummm, yes they do Tif, its here) i am also thinking i wonder if my experience and such like is tippity top enough to be an Amazing. perhaps i need to plot and plan a little to make sure my CV has got enough jolly crafty stuff upon it that when the time comes, i would be welcomed into the fold of The Amazings and they would indeed think of me as a possible teacher of crafty sorts.

"whats that! an imposter amongst the green buddies, one does not do fake herbs Tif, it just plain wrong"
all this pondering went on and then a few weeks back a most lovely Amazing by the name of Farzana wrote to me, telling me all about The Amazings and their courses, to which i responded with a 'oh how lovely to hear from you and yes, i know all about your wonderful band of crafty knowledgeable teachers and more to the point, Our #1 has even taken a crochet course with one of your fabby gang'

Farzana wanted to tell me all about their latest adventure. The Amazings are venturing into the world of online classes for those that do not live close to the big smoke. hence allowing any crafty soul anywhere in the world (i presume) be able to learn a skill or two from an Amazing. this i thought was quite a jolly good idea and made a lot of sense. i told Farzana i would happily have a look-see at one of their online courses and would happily mention it to my dearest readers.

"grow little green buddies, grow with all your might"
however, alas and alack, time is not on my side with school out and ma arriving and so here's what i thought, because i do do a lot of thinking, even if i might not look like i am some days. i thought to myself, i know Tif, why don't you blog about The Amazings and then later in the summer after you have not only watched one of their courses, but actually then tried your hand at it, you can do a second part to your first part and show what you learnt, and that sort of nitty gritty stuff.

yes a good plan indeedy! so that is what i shall do, i am planning to take the 'mosaic flower pot' class, which i think is something i might find very interesting as i do like my little green friends these days, and i think our outdoor/indoor garden room might like a bit of mosaic flower potting...

mosaic pots and fabric tented area surely will make for quite an exotic outdoor/indoor space when all said and done
 however i am thinking i will learn how to do it and then see if i can put my own spin on it. what sweet forsaken little lovelies can i bring to the table alongside of my flower pot and whatever else we will be using. (i am not sure yet what materials are required as i have yet to start my course)

"please mosaic us Tif, please please..."
so there we have it, i think you can't help but marvel at The Amazings and what it stands for, delight in the fact so many are wishing to learn from those that have the knowledge and skills and are a little older and wiser and i think you will agree, more than anything, it must be rather marvelous to have a little badge that says 'i am an Amazings'! i wonder if they do?! i wonder indeedy if you pass the interview and they think you could indeed become an Amazing if they hand over a little badge with just that on it...

"a bit of mosaic might make all the difference..." thinks Mr Pepper and his family
i guess i will never know until the big 5-0 comes knocking and the day after i pop my application in the mail and send it with a wing and a prayer

Tif :)

just seen this shindig now if i were in london this summer, i would surely wish to go along and spend a crafty day with some Amazings...