Wednesday, June 5

a doily crafty carty moment...

yesterday i was greatly distracted by two things

thing one: this doily moment found whilst reading the fabby Victoria's blog whilst eating my breakfast. i gasped, i followed the link and within seconds all i wished to do was make little doily hammocks for my sedums and succulents. i could think of nothing else, such was my lust for this brilliant doily idea

thing two: my lovely friend Jennette dropped by with a most marvelous industrial rolling trolley she was kind enough to off load on me. 

big old industrial castors which have a mind of their own

a 'big beasty' of a trolley

i see this 'big beasty' of a trolley as being most handy dandy when i have a bricks and mortars store (after all, how often do they come along?!) and in the meantime, whilst it waits to find a space in our bedroom, it has taken up residence in our family room. i did not know it at the time, but i now like it in our family room and think i may indeed have great trouble relocating it to our bedroom...

on that note i must tell you two more things

thing one (again): my man does not see this industrial rolling cart as the least bit marvelous and told me so, he also reckons in less than 6 months it will be in the garage. i did not waste my breath, i left the room quietly, knowing what i saw inside of my head, of life living with my newly acquired rolling cart and the potential of such a piece, was a match made in crafty styling heaven, not to mention my doily motives for my little green friends

thing two (again): i could not possibly have gotten to the end of the day without a) dabbling in little doily hammocks and b) painting over the blue distressed base of the trolley with a white distressed finish

base is now a distressed white (which it doesn't look at all in this picture, but pinky promise on close inspection there is distressed moments going on)

i spy with my little eye something beginning with 'L O'

this little one was made using old silk ribbon and a doily once shaped like a little crocheted basket, i just flattened the bottom with some natty stitching and cut off the handle

this little doily hammock was made using frayed knotted fabric strips

so this morning this is where my cog thinking is at.

*my trolley has a white coat
*i think i may wrap some fabric in places around the bars
*i see piles of blankets and cushions on the base
*i may remove some lanterns and make more doily hammocks
*perhaps turning it into an indoor dottie angel hanging gardens of babylon sort of thingy me jig
*i will except the fiddly-ness of removing little green friends each and every time they need watering
*i will continue to plot and plan my bricks and mortar store
*i will not allow my man's disgruntled ways cast a shadow upon my crafty proceedings

i have other cog thinking i wish to be doing, but for now i do not wish to overload my cogs and go batty...