Friday, May 31

flea-market finds...

last weekend me and my lads of three went to the flea-market. i had pocket money burning a hole in my handmade frock pocket and it did not take me long to find a few forsaken little souls who spoke to me

forsaken little soul #1:
a most delightfully yellow parrot complete with mushrooms!! seriously little itty bitty mushrooms! in all my born days of collecting these most rare and kitschy birdie figurines i have never found one with mushrooms before. this fine fellow only cost me the princely sum of $4 due to a chip, 

chip or no chip, i loved him and so he came home to live in the kitchen and do a most marvelous job at holding a few vintage fabric flowers

forsaken little soul #2:
a birdie picture in most spiffy colours complete with fabby plastic fake basket weaving frame. golly i am a sucker for plastic fake basket weaving, gets me every time and even more so if it surrounds a birdie picture of this magnificent-ness. this little sweetie cost me 6 tidy $1 notes.

and it would appear, once home, she was always going to fit right in...

forsaken little soul #3:
a cheeky chappy of the utmost kind. okay, i realize she is not a chappy but it sounds so much better than cheeky dolly. so cheeky chappy she is. my man rolled his eyes to the sky and followed his action swiftly with a "really Tif?" but i knew what i knew, and what i knew was this. cheeky chappies don't come by every day of the week with this sort of wonderfulness about them. obviously the stall owner knew this too and would not take less than $5. i could see why, this cheeky chappy was expert at cheering...

upon arrival back at mossy shed, cheeky chappy found himself/herself most at home in my 'recently made' cabinet of curiosity.

"umm, i'm thinking you might like a bit of crocheted goodness too" says little brown bunny with his warm ears 


"hello hello, here i am"

now surely that's worthy of a cheer or two