Thursday, December 6

Gladys & her glee...

"what will be, will be"
said i, to me,
as i stood back to see...

Gladys and her glee!

Wednesday, December 5

easy peasy shop bags...

yesterday i spent the morning making
for Gladys' jolly pop-up moment later in the week,
(having spent the day before that,
and in the afternoon i pondered...

my pondering thoughts were along the lines
of bags for putting purchases in.
i have yet to go down that road,
for on etsy, i would wrap everything
in recycled magazine tearouts 
and happy coloured yarn.

but it would be nice and dandy, i told myself,
(being the owner of a vintage eclectic trailer pop-up shop now
and taking my responsibilities tres seriously),
if indeed a customer or two were to come my way
if i had a nice little bag to pop their purchase into.
i recalled when in mexico last month
how the local stores would use newspaper folded and stapled together.
i found this just as thrilling
as the purchase i had made...
i could not bring myself to throw away
those little bags of handmade newspaper
such was their peachiness

so i took a pile of tearouts and set about folding.
i made two sizes, super duper easy peasy.
the large size involved two pages laid on top of each other
three of the sides folded over and taped in place.
you could use fancy tapes in alsorts of colours and patterns,
i chose to use good old masking tape
in a rather 'au naturel' palette of cream

for the small one, 
just take one magazine page and fold in half,
then fold over one long edge and one short edge
and once again tape down in place.

and voila! 
some rather peachy looking shop bags
which could be used for gift bags equally well.
i would even consider if 'a gifting' you are doing
perhaps the magazine page to be a recipe
or indeed an interior shot matching the tastes of the recipient.
and further consideration to be,
upon stuffing the recycled bag with contents,
fold over top, punch a hole and tie a little bit of yarn 
to keep everything in check.


footynote: i would not consider these little bags
to be of use if the content is of great weight 
or indeed fragile. it might just be you would lift
it up and the inners would drop straight out of the bottom.
best use these little sweeties for light weight gifting me thinks

Tuesday, December 4

little olive, yesterday & today...

yesterday little olive was feeling 
tres sorry for herself.
and quite rightly so...
no playing
no jumping
no running
no illegal parking
no fun
no, nothing.

today however, 
on her 'happy, take it all away' meds,
she appears to have forgotten
our frank conversation 
late last night under the glow
of a jolly lite tree.
a conversation all about 
'no, nothing'
for a very long time

for today whilst tucked up in bed
glazed over,
she claimed to me,
she was quite sure she could fly
if only i would let her try...


Monday, December 3

gladys & a few joyful days...

come rain, 
come shine,
come one,
come all,

me and gladys will be waiting for you